Sunday, July 13, 2008

U.P. to the D.A.T.E.

So, I promised you a peek. Unfortunately, I still haven't finished up the last of my good for Label Tulip. But, I did get my first LO done for So...Tell Me Your Story. The challenge will officially be posted on the 15th, but here's a little peek to tide you over...

Lots of October Afternoon yumminess goin' on there. Probably my favorite line right now. Well, aside from the ever-loved Hambly and American Crafts goodies. Speaking of Hambly, the tutorial for my mini-book is up at Label Tulip, and can be viewed here. You have until 10 am PST on July 15th to post up your version of the mini-book to the Label Tulip gallery to be entered to win a 6 month subscription to Label Tulip. In addition, I will be selecting one participant to receive this sweet little RAK.

More details can be found here.

Ahhhh...the weekend. This was a weekend filled with favorites. My favorite breakfast (warm blueberry muffins).

My favorite portrait of Bryan that I've ever taken. He hates having his picture taken, but I NEEDED it to wrap up the last of my LT projects. You'll see. It was just a total bonus that it came out so well. It just looks like him.

Plus, I had to take a new self-portrait of myself. Ugh. I've not been into the whole self-portrait thing lately. Just feelin' the ickies about the way I look lately. But, whadda' ya' didn't come out half-bad.

I've spent lots of time scrapping today. And, lots of time with my favorite little snuggle bug asleep under my scrap table.

Isn't she adorable? I love how her little tongue just pokes out all the time. At first, it was because she lost all of her baby teeth at once. But, they've grown in now, and it's still a hangin'!

And yay for me! I finally bought this:

It isn't the treadmill I had originally wanted. But, after years of riding horses when I was younger, I've got some painful knees. They don't bother me often...unless I'm running. Then, they pop like crazy, and it's a wincing pain. So, it probably is best that I found some sort of alternative to jarring them along on a treadmill. Bryan convinced me to try this elliptical machine, and I LOVED it. So happy I decided to get one. Although, I have to wait about 3 weeks to get it. They were sold out at the PX. Must be popular. So, I had to order it. *sigh* Oh, well. I've waited this long to get in shape. What's another couple of weeks? Knock on wood.

So, how was everyone else's weekend? Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!


~just me said...

ok so i finally joined blog-land. sorta. enough to have a blog so that i can comment on yours! i love your new self portrait & my first thought when i saw saki's pic was ahh look at that cute lil tounge poking out! she is adorable. hope you had a good weekend =0)

Ginajam said...

I'm lovin your peek...when do we get to see more? I was going to join in on your Hambley mini, but we've been gone all weekend. Maybe next time. And the pics of you and your husband are darling!! We have an eliptical very similar to the one you're getting...was great for the first few months and then we fell off the wagon!! Hopefully someday we'll get back into it. Happy Monday.

scrappermimi said...

Big congrats on the Chatterbox, so awesome! I am loving your LT stuff...I may need to stop lurking and start joining in because I am just loving all your inspiration!

Michelle said...

Wow lots of good things. First off, I think you are beautiful. You are crazy to think otherwise. Those are cute portraits of the both of you. Looking forward to seeing your complete projects all lined up.

I adore how Saki's tongue still hangs out. Just precious. Yay for scrapping too. I can't believe you had to saw the pinata open? I remember older kids and parents taking whacks at my pinatas when we were too small to whack the heck out of it. I hope you got pics of sawing it open!

KhrisW said...

Wow, loved your sneak peek! The pictures of you, Bryan and Sake were wonderful. OMG, love your Frenchie, she's so cute!

I'm laying low and I'll get back to my creative mo jo in time here. I knew I wrote I'd be creating but it's not like you can advertise "Our house will be empty from this date to this date...." for some freak to come and invade our space, even though it is on base (you know how it is with blogging). Someone's house down the street was robbed around Halloween, they were gone on vacation.

Love your stuff, can't wait to see the rest. You're fantastic, Holly!

Michelle said...

Ohmigosh! Look at your little snuggle-bug...=) Sooo cute! And that peek is to die for! Hope you had a happy weekend!

Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

Awesome pictures. That is an awesome picture of your Hubs not to mention you are one hot mama yourself and... I still want your puppy!!!! xoxox

KhrisW said...

By they way, I'd like to have one of those pilates machines....

You'll be in uber shape in no time though I think you look gorgeous as you are.

bunzi said...

hey your doggie is real cute! :D so are you.. ;)