Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In all their goodness...

Time to share the whole sha-bang for my Label Tulip LO's! This month, instead of doing the usual GDT lift, we did a fun little photo swap instead. I got to scrap the crazy-talented Alexis.

Forced myself to scrap with some of the papers in the kit that weren't my typical color palette. Pretty happy with how it turned out!

FINALLY played with some spray ink. Boy, that stuff is a MESS, and it takes quite a bit of practice!

Our challenge this month was to use song lyrics as the title or journaling of your LO. Being the huge Dave Matthews Band fan that I am, I had to pick a DMB song...Rapunzel. I guess I could have picked a song with a more manly title, but it's the lyrics that really remind me of Bryan.

Speaking of Bryan, it was his turn for the "Family Canvas Project" as I have now officially titled it. For this canvas, I went with a fairly simple design. Bryan's a pretty simple guy, and a fru-fru canvas just doesn't suit him. Now, all I have left is to make a canvas of myself. Ugh.

And, I can't have a month without some sort of little project. Right? So, I made a little book about Sake from the Autumn Leaves/Heather Bailey mini-folders that I cut in half. You can view the rest of the book here.

I'll keep adding to this book as the year goes on. It is a GREAT way to use up old supplies, and bits of this and that that you have lying around in your stash. I've been in a real purging mood lately. And, it feels good to clean out my scrap room!

Now, for something that I am really excited to share! Here is my first LO for the new challenge blog that I am designing for: So...Tell Me Your Story. The first (well, actually second...but first for me) was to scrap about your name. How you got it. What it means. A nickname. Whatever.

There's actually a funny story behind the LO. I never really knew why my parents named me Holly. I just figured it was because I was born the day after Christmas. Guess not. First, I called my dad and asked him, "So, why did you name me Holly." His response was, "You'll have to ask your mom. I wanted to name you Trixie." You did not! My dad has the weirdest sense of humor. "No, I didn't. But, I really don't know. Your mom just picked it out. Actually, do you remember that dog that your mom had when you were born." I did. Her name was Heidi Noel. She was a mean little schnauzer that totally hated the fact that I had come along, and stolen her attention. Anyway, my dad says, "I always thought Holly Nicole sounded a lot like Heidi Noel. But, that was just me." YOU NAMED ME AFTER THE DOG!?! My dad just kept chuckling, and told me to ask my mom. So, I did. "No, I did not name you after the dog! Where does your dad come up with these crazy things? We picked out the name together. We both just liked Holly I guess." Okay, so how I go my name wasn't all that interesting of a story in and of itself. But, my dad's crazy sense of humor certainly made for a fun LO. Funny guy. Well, that's all for today. Time to settle in, and catch up on my blog reading. I'm only a day behind this time (as opposed to weeks or months). TTFN!


Melonie said...

OMG Holly! Every month your stuff rocks more and more! That pic of Hazel is so cute (and I LOVE the wing) and the page of super sweet. First of all that baby mohawk is too freakin' cute and I love the mist effect. SUPER, SUPER, SUPAH stuff Girly!!

jill s said...


and seriously those ears on sake? SO freaking cute!!

mushroommeadows said...

I love all your projects (especially the piece you of your husband!)

By the way, very funny story! You're dad's funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Dang girl, you did it again! Your projects Rock!!! And Luka's mohawk? Luv it!!! Can't wait to see what you do next.

Being named after a dog would have been better than being named after a doll. Ick! But that's just my opinion. Remember Indy was the dog's name, not Jones' real name. So someone wanted to be named after their dog. Ha ha.

You Rock!

Anonymous said...

Love the story of your name! Much cooler than mine. Funny story, though, love it. No wonder you love dogs!

Love the paper you used with Sake and the spray stuff worked well with a beach theme. Awesome! Of course the Bryan LO's were cool too!


Jill Deiling said...

wow i loooove all your new layouts, they're so fun to look at, youre so talented!! :) That's too funny, the story about how you got your name. my parents just chose my name cause they liked it too, so my name's not all that interesting either, lol.
thanks for the comments on my blog! I hope you can find some old pics so you can put them up too! They were so much fun to look through, lol. :)

Heather Bailey said...

These are so great! Cute doggie too! I'd love if you'd add your Freshcut layouts to the HB Paper Crafts group on Flickr. I haven't announced the group yet, but it's there! Here's the URL:


Ginajam said...

GReat layouts this month!! They always make me smile!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!!

Michelle said...

Lol, I think that is a funny story about your name. Your dad sounds like my dad. Love it! Also love your los and canvas too. So much fun. And thanks for sharing that girl effect. I posted it on my blog. Wish I could donate moolah but I'll have to wait until I'm actually making some to do that!

Boriquaz said...

Holly you've been busy. I absolutely LOVE your canvas, now you make me want to go do the same. Great idea ... love everything else. Your clear LO is great too really makes me want to do something like that to make it look like it's floating in a sense. Great job.

elizabeth said...

man girl!
your los are uuuuhhhh*mazing!!!

why have i never been here before? you're totally in my bloglines :)

stephanie howell said...

i'm so glad i found your blog..
you are amazing!!

Stacey Michaud said...

Hi Holly! Love all of your work! The layout for STMYS rocks! Love the story behind the layout too!