Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

I just got back from running some last-minute holiday errands. And, I'm proud to announce...I am DONE Christmas shopping. Yay! I wanted to get the last few things on my list before the madness that is Black Friday. I do have a couple of gifts to finish making. But, at least the shopping part is over with.

And, I finally got some scrapping done. 2 LO's completed, and 2 more that I'm still working on. One came out so well that I am saving it for a contest. So, I can't share that with you. But, here's another one. It's not my favorite ever. But, oh well, what can you do?

My favorite part is the journaling. It's lyrics from The Nightmare Before Christmas song "What's This?":

Hopefully, I can come back with more to share tomorrow. At least I'll be able to show you the cute little owlie ornaments that I am making for the Red Velvet Art ornament swap. They're coming out so cute! And, they gave me a chance to play with the new polka dotted felt from the Creative Cafe at my LSS.

We have no huge plans for Thanksgiving. Usually, I cook a big dinner, and we invite all of the single soldiers at Bryan's work. But, obviously, due to the deployment, we won't be doing that this year. Instead, I will finally have the chance to relax and enjoy someone else's cooking. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving!


Jill Deiling said...

Thank you holly!! I hope you have a GREAT thanksgiving too! :D I looove your new layout, so adorable! I can't wait to see the ornaments you made for the halloween swap!!

jill s said...

holy moses! you rock! i already feel behind with Christmas shopping! i haven't bought or made a single gift yet!!

lovin' your scrappin' as usual.

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

girl you are good...i cant believe you finished all your shopping. i'm so behind from being sick...i havent even started. and i love you LO of luka & the xmas adorable. cant wait to see the one for the contest--and good luck w/ that. and i'm DYING to see your owl ornaments...i LOVE a serious addiction!! maybe i'll be lucky enough to get your name on that swap too lol. i was thinking of doing owls...but will try something else or make sure they are totally different, dont want to copy ya (well, i might WANT to but i wont lol). anyway, happy thanksgiving to your & your fam...enjoy it as much as you can...and try not to miss bryan too badly.


GINAJAM said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Congrats on finishing up all of your Christmas shopping...wish I could say the same!!

Melonie said...

YAY! Congrats on your Christmas shopping! I love to be done by Thanksgiving too. Aside from 2 or 3 little things I am. I'm going shopping with my Mom and Sister on Sunday morning so I will definately be done by then.
That new LO rocks! So glad you found some time to scrap! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Zoe said...

i think its a cute layout! plus it's the most wonderful pic!