Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I feel like I have accomplished absolutely nothing today, and the day is just flying by. Well, at least I feel like I have little to show for it. But, there is evidence of some activity around here today:

I did get all of these boxes mailed off. Gina's trees, 2 owlie ornaments (needed to buy another envelope to mail out the 3rd), and 3 swap packages...all in the mail, and on their way to their new homes. That's a weight off my shoulders. I've been busy wrapping presents for the rest of the afternoon. I need to get Bryan's box in the mail. And, this year, for some reason, the post office is saying that all out of state shipments (just from Alaska) need to be mailed by December 1st to guarantee delivery before Christmas. I swear, the postal employees just get lazier and lazier. I've NEVER had to mail anything out that early. Usually, you can mail Express mail on Dec 22nd, and it would be there by Christmas Eve. So, I really need to wrap up my dad's and step-mom's stuff, and get a box big enough to mail my nieces' and nephew's already wrapped gifts.

I'm really starting to miss being in my own home for the holidays. Although I do enjoy visiting my mom, I really long to decorate my own home. My mom's a little anal about the holidays, and doesn't want help decorating. So, I have to just sit idly by and watch. The tree is beautiful to look at, though.

And, it's about that time of cell phone time. It seems that every year, around this time, my husband or I manage to completely destroy a cell phone. My husband has run over his with his truck, dropped another one in a sink full of water, and crushed one that was in his pocket during hand-to-hand combat training. Myself...I managed to wash one of his phones in the washing machine. Hey, I keep telling him to check the 500 pockets in his uniforms before he puts them in the dirty clothes. Or, more specifically, throws the dirty uniform on the floor for me to pick up later. God forbid he actually walk the extra 10 steps to throw it in the hamper. But, I digress...last year, Hazel dropped my Blackberry in the toilet at Hobby Lobby. And, I seem to have a knack for washing phones...again. Yesterday, after Luka had puked spaghetti sauce all over my new white coat, I was in such a hurry to get the coat sprayed with stain remover and wash it, I forgot to take my phone out of the pocket. *sigh* This is why I will never own the expen$ive iPhone that I so badly want.

And, speaking of badly wanting something... I am absolutely dying for these candles from Pottery Barn:

So, I'm really hoping that my step-mother-in-law listened when she asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told her a Pottery Barn gift card!

Well, I had better get back to sewing away on those damned napkins. I'm about to scrap the project, save them to finish when I buy a sewing machine (yes, I am finally giving in and buying one). I'm really getting burned out on the gift making. I'm just absolutely DYING to scrapbook. But, I just haven't had the time. Plus, I am STILL waiting for my November kit from Poppy Ink, and for some velvet Thickers that I ordered from Two Peas. The white and cream ones are perfect for wintery LO's! Like this picture that I am dying to scrap:

My mom took is a couple of weeks ago before all of the snow melted. Hazel had such a blast making the snowman! I think she's going to be sorely disappointed when we're in Alabama next year for Christmas. Where, not only will there not be any snow, but it will probably be hot as hell. Oh, well. With any luck, we'll be in Germany by Christmas 2009.

Happy Hump Day peeps! I'm off to try to tackle those napkins!


♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

hey holly!

just wanted to give you some encouragement...good luck on finishing those napkins! and congrats on deciding to def get a sewing'll be glad you did. i bought my friends when i was in germany & her hubby was being kicked out of the army. gotta get it back from my i can re-teach myself how to use it lol. so if you dont get a whole lot of handmade stuff from me this time, i promise to make up for it later.

oh that note...sadly i'm not done w/ your swap. i had a huge setback w/ my dr & trying to get cheaper meds. after making me wait a wk...he finally said to just get them & try them. they wouldnt help me out. so i had to spend $200 i dont have & knowing my luck i'm sure they wont even work. so i spent the whole day crying & being in a major depression....and i do mean major. i know my life could be worse but seriously i could use some divine help...i'm just so sick & tired of it all. sorry this is a bumming comment, just wanted you to know i cried all day & didnt get out to finish shopping or make anything. it was all i could muster to stay alive. anyway, thanks for being a friend...and hopefully i can be a good enough friend to you when you need it...i promise its not always this depressing to talk to me. =)

oh a happier that snow pix of hazel...she is the cutest thing. you've got the cutest kids ever. =) and i hope you do get to germany...and hopefully we'll still be friends & maybe you'll let me visit lol...i sooo miss europe. you can always come visit me in colorado! =)

anyway just wanted to say my love...thanks for listening & being an awesome friend!! =)


Michelle said...

WOW what a great post! I'm sorry that you don't get to decorate your own home this year. I know the feeling of not getting anything accomplished even though you really did stuff. Its been that way for me this week too.

I'm super excited for you about your sewing machine! I know you can do it! And I know that feeling of wanting to scrap but having to do so many other projects. I love that picture of your Christmas tree btw!

Melonie said...

WOW! Love that picture of Hazel and her snowman. SO cute and so incredibly scrappable. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. (((HUGS)))

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

Hey, Holly found you blog from my girl Michelle. Very cool stuff:) Can't believe your still waiting on your poppy kit. I just got mine a couple days ago. Take Care

Tina said...

Your mom wouldn't let you help decorate? Weird.

Anyhoo, the picture'll happen for sure 'cause I want some too.

See ya tonight.

Zoe said...

cute pic! oh the hell those napkins are giving you! go buy the machine as an early xmas present!

Kelly S. said...

argh, you havent been showing up on my bloglines!
Oh no Dec 1st! I guess my family and friends are screwed because I havent gotten anything in the mail! Thank goodness for online shopping.
I know how you feel about wanting to be in your own house, lived with my 'rents for 14 m while the hubby was in Korea.
love that pic of your daughter, she is adorable.

and Germany by 09? what base would you go to? I would love to show you around (we should be here til 10)
have agreat weekend!