Tuesday, November 6, 2007

As promised...

Finally, some craftiness! I managed to crank out my Christmas cards in the good old-fashioned assembly lineage. Here's my favorite style:

And, style #2:

And, style #3:

These have to be my favorite Christmas cards that I've made ever, ever, ever! I love how they turned out. And, anyone who knows me, knows that the sewing machine and I are not on good terms. So, yes, that's hand-stitching on those cards. All 20 of them! That was some serious time in front of the t.v. sewing away! :0) There is a 4th style, but I need to finish up the prototype tonight. I'll post it up tomorrow. Wow! I can't believe that I'm alreaady done with my Christmas cards, and it's not even Thanksgiving! That's a total first for me. I still have to write in them, and I hope to have them in the mail the week after Thanksgiving.

And, here's a gift that I made for someone special.

It is modeled after a project that Heather did over at Poppy Ink. Although, I did add several of my own touches. For one, I used a circle punch on this design of Love, Elsie's Jack + Abby line, to punch out the "shingles" for the roof. I was never quite sure what to do with that paper, but I'm so glad I came up with that idea! I really like the look it gives. And, the door to the house is on hinges. It opens to reveal a special message for the recipient. I had tons of fun making this little project. Thanks for the inspiration, Heather!

And, in the spirit of the Christmas shopping season that is upon us, I will try to include one unique gift idea in each of my posts between now, and Christmas. Although, this isn't really a gift, I am in love with this wrapping paper from Whimsy Press.

And, their pom-pom ribbon is irresistable!

Well, my bloggy friends, that's all for today. I'm off to crank out some more creativeness. Stay tuned...


dani j. said...

I love this post!

full of so much yummy stuff!

Anonymous said...

Ok now I have to somehow find some pre-made badass christmas card for you so I don't feel so inadequate. It is a struggle just to get then addressed and mailed! Loving all your fun projects =0)


jill s said...

you ROCK. seriously. loving your cards.

and that wrapping paper is so cute!


Melonie said...

WOW! You are on a Christmas roll!!! LOVE that you will be posting one thing per day. You are my kind of girl. Wish we lived closer so we could craft together. I do need to get started on my cards. Thanks for the inspo. I'm actually eyeing that tree on the wrapping paper you posted. Have a great day Girl!

Tina said...

can't believe you've already made your christmas cards.....mine will be purchased this year.

Anonymous said...

Whimsy Press people here - thanks for the kind words!

Zoe said...

damn you are a crafty little thing. your hand stictching looks better than my machine sewing...maybe we can't be friends anymore! ha !

Marie said...

I commented at poppy ink about ur frame thing but girl that is super awesome! I love it! And those cards are really cute...I need to start making mine darn it...I say that every year but never do it lol!

GINAJAM said...

How DO you do it all? I need some of your energy, motivation and sheer (sp?) creativity. WAy to go on your cards being done...and you hand sewed 20 of them??? Incredible!! Love what you do!!

Little Stitcher said...

gorgeous. I am so addicted to your blog now! xxx

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...


once again you created magic. do you have a wand or something? lol

those cards are uber cute...and that house decoration---wow!!! too darn cute for words.

i'm highly jealous though...can you send me a teeny bit of your mojo?? w/ this funk & not feeling great, i hope i can even get store cards out this yr...i always have good intentions but i'm lucky to make 2-3 cards a yr. i'm bad i know...but i promise to make & send you some really special yummies...i will try hard not to let you down! =)

and once again i must say how happy i am that i came across your blog somehow...it is one of my faves...and when i feel ok i'll check it daily for sure! and thanks for checking mine occasionally...i havent updated since last mon cause i've been sick...sorry.

anyway, glad we've swap buddies & new friends...you are 1 super cool chick!!