Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hit me with your best shot!

So, I sent my husband off to Afghanistan with a digital camera. His last deployment wasn't really documented on film because, well, he didn't have a camera until the last month he was there. I was definitely thinking this time would be different. But, then he hasn't been off post in the whole 6 months he's been there. That's a good thing...much safer. But, consequently, he wasn't able to get any pictures of the country or its people. And, the place where he works all day is top secret. So, that means he can't take any pictures of him doing his job. Apparently, all I am left with is pictures from his "room". My husband isn't the best at self-portraiture...lots of up-the-nose shots. So, I ask am I supposed to scrap this:

Or this:

And, I don't even know who this guy in the bed is:

Inevitably, there are a dozen or so shots of one of his men flipping the camera off. Apparently, they think it's funny. Little do they know, it doesn't make for good scrapbooking! So, that's it. Those are the best shots that I've got. Actually, those are the ONLY shots that I'm going to get. My husband broke his digital camera, and we're not going to buy him another one right now. So, if any of you guys have any creative ideas on how to scapbook these, hit me up! I never did get scrap-time yesterday. Luka is teething, and screaming incessantly. And Hazel is, well, Hazel. I'll try again tonight. If I don't get any layouts posted tomorrow, I will get you some yummy eye candy of my new house decorations instead!

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