Thursday, August 9, 2007

Heat wave!

Ugh! Enough of this heat already! It has been in the 100's this entire week. My garden needs weeded in the worst way, but there is no way I'm going out there until it cools off. Just getting the kids in and out of the car today, I broke into a major sweat. Yeah, I'm done with the heat. I did actually find some time to work in my craft room today, but still no scrapbooking. I just cleaned up, and painted some new shelves. I'll take pictures of them tomorrow after they're finished, and post them.

So, Hazel decided that she was going to color on one of my walls. Washable markers? Yeah, not so much. A few swipes with the good old Magic Eraser, and all I managed to do was completely remove the paint from my wall. Great! The spot that left is worse than what the marker looked like. So, as Leslie pointed out...that's a good excuse to give my dining room the paint job that I had been dying to do. And, I ever-so-conveniently am in possession of a 20% off coupon at Home Depot. So, I guess we know where I will be shopping this weekend. I'm thinking of a nice, bright turquoise color to match my dishes and kitchen ware. And, I just bought this lovely little painting that I think will go splendidly:

Debra Greenleaf Campbell is an amazing artist. I adore all of the bright colors that she uses. You can check out her other work at her Etsy store.

And, this sweet little pillow will soon be coming to live in my home as well. Everyone knows how much I love polka dots, and this will go perfectly in my living room!

I swear, I could waste an entire day on Etsy, and never get bored. They have some of the most AMAZING indie crafters/artists on there!

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