Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A challenge from Miss Elsie:

So, as part of Elsie Flannigan's blog party today, she asked that we either make a list or create a layout about things that we want to do before our next birthday. And they have to be realistic, attainable goals. My kids still aren't cooperating with giving mommy "scrapbook time," but I do have a few minutes to get on here and make a list. So, here goes...

29 things I want to do before I turn 30:
* Take some fun, scrappy pictures with Tina .
* Get my hollyhocks to grow in the backyard.
* Make some crafty, hand-made gifts for Christmas.
* Join the flickr 365 days challenge (you take a self-portrait every day for a year).
* Get a new hairstlye (new color, new cut).
* Go to Alaska to visit my mom.
* Do some modeling for Anya E.'s portfolio
* To actually go through Elsie's "52 Scrapbooking Challenges," and get one challenge a week completed.
* Remodel and reorganize my studio.
* Get my daughter completely potty-trained (going through the night without an accident).
* Stop eating so much fast food...maybe only once or twice a month.
* Start doing yoga again.
* Actually keep this blog updated regularly (I was always so bad about writing in my journals when I was younger. I'd start off with a bang, but then just quit doing it all together, only to start the cycle again the next year).
* Get my work out there more...maybe enter some of the dares or some of the scrapjacked challenges.
* Make more crafty things with my daughter.
* Finish decorating my paper mache letters for "HAZEL" so that I can put them up in her room.
* Work on my "me" book that my mom made for me.
* Save up for a new lens for my camera.
* Get one of the new d reeves clear acrylic albums, and actually make something out of it!
* Get my house all neat and tidy before I go to Alaska for 4 months, so that I come home to a perfectly clean home, and not have to worry about anything.
* Get my septic tank pumped (Yuck! But, for some reason, I keep forgetting to do it, and it's about that time!)
* Pay off my credit card.
* Have a garage sale, and get rid of all this baby stuff that we don't need anymore.
* Spend some quality time with all of my old friends back in Alaska.
* Get my filthy Jeep cleaned out!
* Do a few more RAK's (random acts of kindness) here and there. I'm well on my way to completing my first one.
* Get started on some entrieS for next year's Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame and SOY contests.
* Buy a new Holga camera (what the heck happened to my old one?), and take some pics with Tina.
* Pull out my Sublime Stitching patterns, and get to cracking on some embroidery projects.

Whew! That's a lot to get done in the next 5 months. It will be interesting to look back, come December 26th, and see how many of them I got done. I'll keep you posted. And, since I can't leave you without some kind of eye candy, I am totally diggin' on Kelly Taylor. Her art is fantabulous! And, this one's my favorite:

I'm totally into owls right now, and I so, so want this painting. Now, anyone know where I can get $475? Ha!

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