Friday, September 7, 2007

Out Sick (part deux)

Still. not. feeling. good. But, I do feel a little better than yesterday. The funny thing about having 2 kids under 3, and a husband that is deployed...there isn't time to be sick. I would like nothing more than to lie in bed, read books, and sleep all day. But, that wasn't in the cards. Not even close. I have a 3 year old that needs constant entertainment, and a 7 month old that needs, well, EVERYTHING. At least the kids are feeling better today. And, although there was no scrapping to be done, I did partake in some craftyness...

A couple of days ago, on Latharia's blog, she posted a photo scavenger hunt contest. I'm too late for the contest...I had forgotten about it. But, I thought it was such a fun idea, and a great creative exercise, that I decided to participate anyway. We had to take a picture of the area underneath a sink; a mythical creature; a shovel; a business card; an elbow; a flower; something sharp; a candle; something funny; and something that is half-eaten. Here are my takes:

The only one that needs some explaining is the "something funny" picture. Luka has this thing about smashing his face into the side of his play pen, opening his mouth, and licking the mesh sides. He thinks it is hilarious. And, it IS funny to watch. It just doesn't translate that well into still photography.

I also spent a lot of time today playing with Perler beads. Originally, I had bought them as a craft project for Hazel. Turns out, she wasn't that interested. I think the beads are just a little too small with her to work with, and get them to stay on the plastic forms. But, that's okay 'cuz Mommy thinks they're great. I don't know why I had once dismissed them as cheesy. I recently saw an article in Adorn about using Perler beads to make coasters. What a great idea! I've been having a blast making them for stocking stuffers for Christmas. And, the rainbow colored hearts...those are going onto some flat, blank belt buckles that I have. Don't knock 'em 'til you try ' crafts can sometimes be more fun for the adults!


Tina said...

Luka is so damn cute!

can't wait to meet the little man ;)

Christina said...

I was so happy to find your blog. Your pages are beautiful--very inspiring! I'm glad you liked the Perler bead projects, we had a lot of fun making them. That week it seemed like everyone in the office found an excuse to stop by and make one. They were great stress relievers!