Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Wow. I have been in such the bad mood since Bryan left to go back to Afghanistan. Well, not really a bad mood, but just not wanting to be around people. Anyone. And, yes, I know that I owe several of you e-mails. I promise I am on that like white on rice. At least I have been keeping up with my 365 days project. That's about the only productive thing that I have done in the past few days. Here's my self-portrait from today:

Yup, yup...I got my fisheye and pop cameras that I ordered from Urban Outfitters. They came in the mail this afternoon, along with a little gifty for Kasie (sorry girl, you'll have to wait 'til Christmas). But, I can't wait to load up some film in those cameras and snap, snap, snap away tomorrow. Maybe that will break me out of my creative funk. I tried my little heart out to get the Darejacks done today. But, alas, the creativity gods were not on my side. I was totally stuck on my first LO. I just couldn't come up with a solution that worked well for me. I will still complete the LO, but probably won't post it. Unless, of course, something miraculous happens when I am finishing up tomorrow, and I actually like it. I seriously doubt it, though. The image that I had in my head was just ABSOLUTELY not what was ending up on the page. At this point, I am ready to tear the LO up into itty bitty pieces (just to relieve my own tensions)!

Sometimes I think that I am way too hard on myself creatively. Why do I do that? Hmmm...well, I suppose I am my own worst critic. But, aren't we all? Well, I'm so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open. So, it's off to bed for me. I have such a major gripe, but I suppose I can address that later on. Buenos noches, my friends. Until next time...


jills said...

sending big hugs your way holly!
i'm in a major creative slump right now myself.
i'm behind 3 weeks now on the effer dares.
hoping my mojo returns soon.


Tina said...

hopefully playing with your new toys will get you out of the creative blahs.

RachelDenbow said...

Love those cameras! Hope your mood has brightened but if it hasn't, don't feel guilty about it. I can't imagine such a transition.
I've been enjoying your flickr site and LO's. You're stuff rocks.

Latharia said...

Hopefully the new toys will help you get out of your funk ... and if not, hey, you'll find something that will! :D

RachelDenbow said...

Back again. I am making more portfolios this weekend so feel free to check back.

Anonymous said...

Yea a gifty! Sorry your having a rough day. I'm sure your creative project is better than you think, although it is TOTALLY frustrating when they don't come out the way we want. Hope tomorrow is better. Sending hugs & visions of margaritas your way =0)