Friday, September 28, 2007

Bits 'n Pieces

Well, I haven't managed to finish one whole project this week except this LO:

But, I did manage to get started on lots of other projects. I started a little house chipboard album. Since we bought our home, it has definitely been a work in progress. It felt so sterile at first. But, gradually, I have been making our house more of a home. So, this album is going to be a before and after display for each room in our house. I'm just waiting on my October kit from Poppy Ink to finish the front of the album. It is supposed to have lots of the new Jack & Abby line from Love, Elsie in it. So, I am going to add a little door and some windows to the front of it. And, of course, start working on the insides. But, here's what I have so far:

I recently purchased one of the calendar kits from Elle's Studio. I had been looking for a bright patterned paper line that would go well with it, and I finally decided on the new Ally's Wonderland collection from SEI. I'm making this calendar for my mom for Christmas:

I still have quite a ways to go on that project. And, I even started a very adventurous sewing project as another Christmas gift. I've gotten parts of it done so far, but now I am just waiting on more fabric. But, just check out the yummy stuff that I have already been working with:

Other than that, it has been a pretty blah week. Cold and rainy. But, perfect weather to stay inside and get crafty. And, Bryan's reelistment bonus just got deposited in our bank account today. It's an amazing feeling to look in our bank account, and see such an obscene amount of money. Too bad it has already been spent on a new car. But, at least I can look at all those wonderful numbers until it is actually time to buy the car! :0)


Tricia said...

Beautiful creations Holly! Saw your post on Shelley's blog and had to say hello here too!

Tina said...

love how the calendar is turning out! can't believe you got that far already. You so good at that.

Amber Risher said...

Oh you and your hubby are so pretty...and look great together!!! I love all of the little projects you created!