Monday, September 17, 2007

The best *MAIL* day ever!

I got such great luvs in the mailbox today. And, since the army has now blocked blogger off their computers (weird, huh?), and Bryan can't read this blog anymore, I will go ahead and share this:

This is a fabulous find for one of Bryan's Christmas presents. Of course, we'll have to print a photo of it, and wrap up the photo. There's no way this would ever make it to/from Afghanistan in one piece. Anyway, the story goes...

Bryan is constantly asking me if he can learn to hunt. Now, I don't really like the whole idea of hunting...especially not when all people want out of it is some head to hang on their walls. And, unfortunately, this seems to be EXACTLY what Bryan wants. First of all, those things are creepy. I don't need some once adorable living creature staring back at me from my living room walls with its dead eyes. I find it pointless to kill an animal simply for the purpose of decoration. And, anyway, that isn't my idea of decor. So, no, Bryan, there will be no dead animal heads hanging in my house. Sorry.

But, then, a couple of weeks ago, I was shopping for Lumplings. While I was there, I decided to read through Amy Rue's blog. Someone had gotten her husband one of these stuffed heads for his birthday. They are from Cherry Box Studios. When I saw them, I knew they would be the perfect compromise on the "head argument". And, it should give him a good chuckle at Christmas...otherwise, not the happiest time of the year to be deployed. And, the head is even cuter in person, and I think that I might just need to pick up the Bling Pony for myself. So my style!

And, here's the best part (I love it when people send freebies when you order something from them). She sent me a set of REALLY COOL postcards with some of her Waifer Dollie designs on them. Check these two out:

"AmpuTina" and "AlcoHolly"! For anyone that doesn't know...Tina is my best friend. Ha ha ha...I couldn't believe it when I saw these. She makes dollies and purses with the same characters too! I'm going to have to figure out something really special to do with these postcards!

I also got my Poppy Ink kit in the mail.

I can't wait to crack that sucker open after the kids go to bed tonight. I should have lots of new scraps to share soon!


Anonymous said...

don't ya just loove getting something besides bills in the mail! glad you got good stuff today. that reminds me i need to get your new address. too perfect that you got the tina & holly postcards. =0)

Tina said...

OMG...the stuffed head is crazy! I totally agree with the dead animal thing.

Those cards are the best....seriously. You should frame them or something. They're too cute.

Jill Deiling said...

that deer head is awesome! too funny, i bet your dh will get a good laugh out of it! lol. I wouldn't want deer heads in my house either :P If john ever tries to put something like that on MY wall ill freak! I couldnt have a dead animal in my house, ewww, lol.
I love that bling pony too! I took a look around that store, love the stuff! now i want tons of it!
Love that poppy art kit, i took a look when you told me about it on my blog, I need to get one! haha. Can't wait to see your new layouts! :)

jill s said...

that is so great! i love it!!

and thoroughly jealous of your poppy ink kit! :)


Melonie said...

WOW, you really did have a super mail day. maybe I should have checked my mail today. Love those postcards. Have a happy Tuesday night playing with your new kit!

Cicily said...

Those are the cutest prints. I love the dear head, it's house appropriate. I came across your blog through a friend. I love your style, I may be blog browsing through here if you don't mind.

RachelDenbow said...

I love your gift for the hubby! So kitsch and indie and fabulous. Thanks for sharing it.

Boriquaz said...

I love that head on the wall it's halarious. And the post cards are toooo cute will def have to check them out. Yah for stuff in the mail, who doesn't like stuff in the mail!