Wednesday, October 10, 2007

7 Yummy Little Random Things...

1. Tooks the kids to Penneys today to have their pictures taken in their Halloween costumes. They came out SO cute! Can't wait to share them. Luka was so freakin' adorable in his caterpillar costume.

2. I am totally lusting over these. But, I proudly resisted the temptation, and walked out of Nordstroms empty-handed.

3. Had my favorite asian chicken and rice noodle soup with a dash of sweet soy for lunch. Yum.

4. Bryan passed his cholesterol test. Somehow, it dropped almost 100 points. I'm thinking that the first test might not have been accurate.

5. I am so cozy right now. Curled up under the heated blanket, watching some good re-runs on tv, sipping hot cocoa, while my little ones nap.

6. This doesn't really fall under the "yummy" things list. But, we will be moving to Alabama (probably in January). So, anyone near the Fort Rucker/Enterprise area...feel free to hit me up with some good local tips on shopping/restaurants/craftsy events.

7. Tina is coming over for craft night tomorrow. This makes me most happy. :0)

Happy Wednesday all!


Jill Deiling said...

cool you changed your blog, i like it!! those boots from nordstrom are so cute! I can't wait to see your kids halloween pics! I should really get alex's pics taken in his halloween costume too. You went to 5th ave mall huh? I LOVE that mall! I miss it :( It is such a great mall compared to the icky mall in montana, lol.

Tina said...

wow, Alabama huh? So I guess the planning begins, no? :) That's really cool that he past....why didn't he get back to you right away?

See you tomorrow! Do you think your mom would mind if I used her xyron machine?

Anonymous said...

I love yummy things what a great concept! I love checking your site & finding a new blog, you always make me smile =0) Hope tomorrow is as yummy as today

Cicily said...

I think I would have bought the shoes, those are super cute.

Amber Risher said...

I am so glad for you about the move and the promotion that your dh is getting...I wish it was cold enough here to get under a heated blanket and to drink hot chocolate...yesterday is was 90 degrees here!!!! Oh and I did buy that kit that I posted on my blog that I wanted yay!!!

Zoe said...

craft night sounds like fun...i need to do that.