Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One year ago today...

And, now, just look at my big boy. All grown up!

I can't believe it has already been a year! It has really flown by...a lot faster than I had anticipated it too. I'm so happy because, with this birthday, comes the near end of this deployment. But, it's also quite sad...Luka isn't my little baby anymore. Of course, he'll always be my baby, but he just isn't that little, cuddly baby anymore. He doesn't want to snuggle or be held; he wants to walk all over the place and terrorize his sister. *sigh* I miss that little baby that used to curl up and sleep on my chest for hours. But, I am excited to see him develop his own little personality. I just wish he could slow down a little bit...his daddy is missing out on so much. Actually, Bryan's gift was Luka's absolute favorite:

He loves that little dump truck. He couldn't have cared less about any of the other toys. In fact, Hazel ended up playing with most of them. He wasn't really interested in the cake either. He poked at it a few times, and took a couple of bites. But, when Hazel turned one, she was elbow-deep in cake. Luka? Not so much. After a couple of bites, he tried to toss the cake onto the floor. I took it as a sign that he was done.

In other news...look at this yumminess that has landed in my kitchen:

I have wanted a stand mixer for, oh, FOREVER. Every year, for Christmas, I have asked Bryan for one. He never understood why I would want some $300 kitchen appliance. Finally, my Dad and step-mom got me one, and at a total steal. Home Depot (or was it Lowe's?) printed an error in one of their sale ads, and listed the price on these Kitchen Aid mixers WAY lower than it was supposed to be. And, since it was their fault, they had to honor the ad if someone brought it into the store. So, now this little baby is mine! And, it's turquoise! You have no idea how hard it is to find turquoise things for my kitchen that is done in turquoise, orange and brown. Thank you so much, Dad and Carol! Having this delivered today totally made my day!

Happy birthday to my little man!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Luka!!! I suck and haven't sent your card, but I promise I will mail it in the morning. Yea for presents arriving in the mail just when you need a boost! I am jealous of your mixer & in turquoise to boot! Lucky girl. =0)

jill s said...

happy birthday sweet boy!
i can't even believe that in a month and a half my baby boy will be one too! it goes by WAY too fast.

and you will LOVE your mixer. i use mine ALL the time. and seriously the color is SO freaking cute.

have a gorgeous day friend.


Zoe said...

Happy Birthday Luka!!! They grow so fast :( I love your mixer! The color is awesome!

Melonie said...

OH Happy Happy Birthday Luka!!!
Love the new mixer Holly! Glad you got some happy in the mail today.

Melanie Gonzaga said...

Happy Birthday Luka!! And your turquoise mixer is so cute!!! I got mine when I was in a cobalt blue phase. I LOVE my mixer but the new colors are soooo pretty now!! And this is one appliance that is probably going to last FOREVER! hehe

Marie said...

Oh u lucky girl! I have wanted one for 10 yrs now!! My hubby keeps saying maybe next year but never never get it...I love yours! So awesome! Happy bday lil guy!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Luka! Hope he had a great time. That truck looks like a lot of fun.

Lizee said...

congrats on your new kitchen baby...its a beauty! i cant wait to see all the yummy stuff you'll make:)