Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello mojo!

Ahhhhhh...finally! I got my scrap mojo back! I got one page done last night, and started on a new mini-book for the latest ScrapMojo challenge. First, here's the LO:

It's so much prettier, and sparklier in person, but this is as good as it gets for internet photos. The best part is all of the glitter! Man, I am IN LOVE with the Martha Stewart glitters! Especially the White Gold color:

It is mostly silver, with a very fine mix of gold. So perfectly vintage. So prettiful!

Now about that mini-book... I don't have any photos to share...YET. But, I am so happy with the way it is turning out. I finally got ahold of some of the Clearly Heavy Overlays from Hambly, and I'm using them for the mini-book. I have to wait for my kit from Poppy Ink before I can put the finishing touches on the book. It has been a while since I have participated in any challenges, but this one was so much fun, I couldn't resist!

In other news, I have received all of my ornaments from the Red Velvet Art ornament swap. These are my absolute favorite, FAVORITE!

Sushi ornaments?!? Get out! Too freakin' cool! Here are some of the other lovelies that I got:

Our friend, DeAnn, came over for a visit this weekend. And, with her, she brought this lovely gift for me...

*sigh* So cute! Definitely my fave scrappy gift in a long time! You can't really tell, but it even has little strips of ribbon that have skulls with holly on them. Too cool! I added the lime green raffia flower to the top. DeAnn couldn't find something that she liked as a "topper," but I knew that flower would be perfect! I had been saving it for a while from a Poppy Ink kit...never quite sure what I was going to do with it. But, it appears to have found a happy little home. :0)

Oh, and Luka can walk! He's not completely off and running yet, but he'll take a couple of steps without holding on to anything. It's all fine with me if he doesn't walk until after we get home in a couple of weeks. I certainly don't need 2 of them that feel like they need to get up and move around on the airplane. *wink*

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

P.S. I know I've been bad about keeping up with everyone's blogs lately. But, I'll be playing catch-up tonight after the little ones are fast asleep. I haven't forgotten about all of my dear bloggy friends...the holidays are just busy, busy, busy!

***And, a plea...any of my bloggy friends (maybe you, K?) that happen to be in a Target and spot the knit wine bags featured in this photo:

Please, please, please pick me up a couple?!? I will be more than happy to pay you for the cost of the bags plus shipping, and a little extra compensation for the trouble. I found a DIY project that I really want to make with them. I've tried to find them online to no avail. And, by the time I get back to the civilized world where they actually have Targets, I'm sure these will be long gone. TIA!


Anonymous said...

cute stuff miss thing! the sushi ornaments are soo you and i think i may have to try my hand at that ribbon tree. i will look at target, i think i might have actually seen those so in case you don't check your other message let me know how many and what colors(?) if i can get my lil paws on them =0)

Melonie said...

Oh I love that LO! So soft and pretty and wintery! Perfect. Seriously sushi ornaments? How cute are they? Love them and I've never even tried sushi. LOL!

jill s said...

ok i LOVE that layout. that snowman is dang cute!

and those ornaments are all darling!

and don't hate me...but i have your package in hand to mail out when i take E to his 9 month check up this morning.

and i'm going to target tonight so i'll check for them!

Boriquaz said...

I love the colors on your LO, way to get that mojo back. And that tree is super cute!

Marie said...

Ok the page is awesome...I cant wait to see the mini! Im so excited lol! Especially because u are using the poppy kit! I cant wait till they come! The sushi ornaments are seriously cute. I shoulda did the ornament swap ah well. I love Martha...Her stuff is pricey but I love it. I think i need that glitter lol!

scrapbook911 said...

Girl...first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a great day and treated yourself to something fabulous. 30 isn't so bad, right?

How fun are those ornaments?! Lovin the sushi...too dang funny.

Make sure you let us know if someone finds those wine bags...I know you have lots of volunteers, but I do live about 1 mile from a brand spankin new Target...and I go there way too much :-)

Congrats on the catwalk. just can't stop being crafty, cause your work is so freekin great!!

ellen said...

oh wow, that sushi ornament is the best! awesome lo and inspiration..i found your blog through glad i stopped by!

Michelle said...

..I would so stop by target for you, but we don't have any here in Canada...=( And I can't wait to see your Mojo mini!! It sounds gorgeous...and that layout rocks..and I'm so jealous of your scrappy tree and sushi ornaments!! lucky you!! =)

Melanie Gonzaga said...

Yay!!! So glad your mojo is back!! The LO is awesome!!! And you are sooo right about that Martha, the glitter is awesome and the bottles are huge!!! They'll last you 10 years! haha!

MsGrace said...

I love the LO.
Those sushi ornaments are super cute!!

dani j. said...

ok - that layout is fab. I've gotta find me some of that glitter! and the ornaments and the ribbon tree! all kinds of eye candy going on here! ;).

Zoe said...

i love those ornaments! how fun is that! i will check at target for you on friday. cute pages as usual! congrats on luka being on the move..

Jill Deiling said...

that lo is gorgeous! love the glitter! That tree is sooo cute, what a sweet friend! :) I just saw your post about the wine bags, if no one else has found them for you by now ill be happy to go look at my target for ya, just let me know!