Thursday, December 6, 2007

20 of 20

Sad. Only 20 days left of my twentys. Blah. I'm so not looking forward to turning 30. And, at least if I HAVE to turn 30, I wish that Bryan was here to celebrate with me. Unfortunately, I probably won't be doing much of anything on my birthday. Maybe that's good though...I can roll quietly into my 30's, and just try to pretend it isn't happening. LOL!

I am finally finished with all of my gifts that need to be mailed out. Yay! My last trip to the post office will be tomorrow. I finished up these sparkly pretties...

I filled the acorns up with yummy chocolates, and the pinecones with some pretty old-fashioned hard Christmas candies. They wil be on their way tomorrow to a couple of lucky ladies.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on filling up my Christmas idea book. It felt so good to finally purge all those stacks of magazines that I have been saving. I clipped what I wanted, pasted it into my book, and deposited the remnants of the mags in the trash. Ahhhhh...! Such a good feeling to actually get something accomplished! I even bit the bullet and finally submitted to a couple of design teams. We'll see how that works out. It's been a while since I've done one.

Well, I'm off to stalk Poppy Ink for the limited number of Silverbella kits that are supposed to be going up for sale in a few minutes. Happy Thursday!


dani j. said...

I love whenever I get to completely tear through a magazine and paste all the clippings in my inspiration notebooks. Feels SO good!

Anonymous said...

I got my card in the mail! Thank you I LOVE it! You are the queen of the cute crafties chica. Its even cuter in person (and I got my favorite style!). Thanks for the pics too. =0)

Hope you are having a good day. I'm sorry you have to celebrate the dreaded 30 by yourself. I have started my countdown to, what a shock it was to realize a couple of weeks ago I was 100 days from it! =0(

Michelle said...

...I've been meaning to consolidate clippings forever!! so good for you!! =) they just float aimlessly around my good luck with the DT's!

Marie said...

Oh man dont get me started on turning 30! I turned in march boowhoo 31 is fast approaching! agh!

I love those acorns! Im sorry u didnt get the junk album. :( But u got the banner and i got the album so it kinda balances out right? Ok not really but i was trying to make u feel better lmao!

Big hug

GINAJAM said...

Your acorns are beautiful. How did you do those?

I totally missed the silver bella kits at PI. I'm sure the banner will be amazing...anything from Heather usually is!!

Think positive about turning's really not that bad. I have loved my 30's. I'm getting ready to hit the down slope soon (I'll be 36 in January - YIKES). But's all in the attitude :-)

Coco said...

I love these acorns! I just passed by your blog for the first time today - and boy am I inspired! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Happy Almost Birthday. I love to rip apart magazines too!

I find it amusing that half of your comments are from people I know. :)

Jill Deiling said...

those pinecones are so cute! im sorry youre not looking forward to your birthday :( you dont look like youre 30 at all though so you have nothing to worry about! :D Wish i was still in ak so i could throw you a party!
good luck with your design teams! youre an amazing scrapper, i know youll make it!

Zoe said...

do you know that i think i have tagged every one of your posts for links to check out , things to scraplift, to buy or to craft???