Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Colder than a...

Well, I'll spare you the inappropriate analogies. But, it's freakin' cold! I don't do 14 degrees. And, after being away from Alaska for the last couple of winters, I still don't miss the frigid temperatures. Don't mind the snow...HATE the below freezing temperatures. All the more reason to anticipate going home in a few more weeks. I finally bought my tickets...YAY! I'll be heading back home Jan 4th...on a plane...with 2 little ones. Ugh. Wish me luck. I suppose if it gets unbearable, I can rent a car on my lay-over in Salt Lake City and drive the rest of the way home. Hazel was less than an angel on a couple of the plane rides that I've taken her on. But, this one leaves at 1 am, so I'm praying that both of them will sleep the whole way.

Don't expect much crafty eye candy from me in the next couple of weeks. I've been boxing up all of my craft supplies the last couple of days, and mailing them home. I did have an extra suitcase to pack them all in. But, after careful consideration, I decided that paying to ship them was the safer option. At least if they get lost in the mail, or damaged, I insured them. There's nothing to do if someone steals from my suitcase, or my luggage gets lost. Trust me...I've learned the hard way. After having my jewelry bag stolen not once, but twice, out of my luggage, I'm very careful about what goes onboard a plane with me.

But, I did keep some supplies out that I am positive to use. So, I may have a couple of pages to share in the coming days. But, when I get home...it's going to be a craft explosion! I have so many great ideas that I want to get working on! I would start now, but some of them involve wood and some shadow boxes, and I'm not paying to ship something that heavy back home. So, just be patient. I'll have something to share sooner or later.

In the meantime, I am anxiously anticipating these:

These were the two TOTALLY popular add-ons for the December Poppy Ink kit...Sugar Plum and the Banner Project Kit. I feel so priveledged to have gotten my hands on these yummies. They sold out in a hot-... ahem minute! I can't wait to play, play, play. I think I'll be making the banner this month. It'll be a crafty project that will keep me busy for the rest of my stay here. And, then, I will have it all ready to hang for next year!

And, since I will be lacking in projects in the upcoming days, I don't want you to have to read through all my blather without something pretty to look at. So, we'll do a little window-shopping again. I thought of Michelle when I got an e-mail the other day from Z Gallerie featuring all of their skully gifts items for Christmas. This was one of my absolute favorite stores when we lived in Dallas. A little on the expensive side, but there was always something interesting to be found. And, these skull-themed items were not to disappoint!

A skull and bones version of Jenga?!? Seriously...<3!

A skull flask...my husband would appreciate this!

And, this fancy little skully serving platter:

There are several oter skull-themed items that are way cool. So, if you have someone on your list that loves skulls (or you just want to treat yourself), head on over to Z Gallerie. They're all reasonably priced...especially for Z Gallerie! Happy shopping!


Melonie said...

Oh those add ons look yummy!
Yay for plane tickets home!
Yuck for 14 degrees and packing.
Hope you have a great last few weeks in Alaska and I totally can't wait for that craft explosion!

Zoe said...

eww cold weather is not my friend. michigan is bad enough...i can't even begin to imagine alaska! those kits are freakin cute!

Marie said...

Darn you!!!! LMAO! I wanted that banner but noooo. You lucky lucky girl you! I did get the other so thats ok. Like i said ill just drool over yours! I love all those skull thingies! I dont blame you for sending it although wont it sit on ur porch? Or do they keep it at the office? Whatever they do i hope u get it safely.

mushroommeadows said...

I'm praying that your trip home goes well!!!

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

hi holly! i just wanted to let you know i got the swap package. and i LOVE it all...seriously, it's like you already knew me...it was perfect! loved it all & it was all new stuff i don't have! thank you thank you thank you! i'll try to take some pix & post & blog about it tomorrow. my back has been really bad the last few days so i havent been able to do much. i have to go up to the lss all the way @ the north end of town to get some more stuff for you...i couldnt find a heck of a lot @ the stores by me. and i ran out of thread while i was making your goodies...so i gotta run & get more lol. so i am planning on having it in the mail by early afternoon tomorrow...thurs @ the very latest. i'm shipping priority so it should get there real quick. hope it wont be a problem...sorry it took me longer to mail, i've just been really miserable health wise. hope you wont hate me for being a tad late!

so anyway...happy holidays!! =)

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

ps--thx for posting the skully goodies...i love them too so i'll have to check it out tomorrow. you've got rad taste!! =)

Jessica said...

i was eyeing that skull jenga on urbanoutfitters.com! lol.

and i want your scrap goodies!!!!!

when we flew from texas to germany, we made sure our last connecting flight (out of chicago) left at night. Within 40 minutes of being in the air, both the kids were OUT. I mean, even after we landed, they stayed asleep. Everyone was totally impressed, as were we.

scrapbook911 said...

You're going to have so much fun with those PI kits!! I couldn't get any add-ons this month :-( Hope you enjoy the last part of your stay in AK...it'll go by so fast and then you'll be home before you know it! Stay warm.

jill scripps said...

those kits are GORGEOUS!!

i swear i'll get your stuff in the mail tomorrow.

i'm such an airhead right now.

those kits are gorgeous!

and i am actually loving the cold weather!


Michelle said...

That is too cold! I'm sorry that you won't get to scrap much but you'll have plenty to keep you busy during the holidays. Those skull items are cute. I agree, that place is expensive! I used to love going there but I haven't gone in quite a while.

Michelle said...

Oh, Holly..thanks for link to that Gallerie! he he...I totally giggled....awesome stuff in there, I may just have to get my guy something from there! And I'll miss seeing your Christmas crafts...*sniff...=)

Jill Deiling said...

those skullie gifts are sooo cute! im so happy for you that you get to go home in a couple weeks, i bet you cant wait! although i WILL miss your fun eye candy, haha. I'm sorry you have to travel with your kids, ill be praying that they sleep the whole way for you!
Those poppy ink add ons look awesome!! i cant wait to see what you do with them!