Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Ending

I can't believe 2007 is actually over, and 2008 will be arriving on our doorsteps in just a few more hours. I can't honestly say that there will be many fond memories from 2007. This past year was a difficult one, and I'm looking forward to 2008 with much anticpation! There will certainly be lots of changes and excitement around our house. God willing, Bryan will be home in a few more months; we will be adding an adorable little fur baby to our family; we will be moving to a whole new city. Lots of changes indeed!

I've enjoyed taking the last several days off on a much-needed blogging and creative break. I'm hoping that once I get home in a couple of days, and get settled back in, that my creative juices will start flowing again. I've been in a little bit of a creative slump lately. In fact, I really didn't think that I was going to get my project finished for December's challenge over at ScrapMojo. But, I squeaked it out at the last minute:

I must say, the pictures don't quite do it justice. But, in Alaska, during the 6 months of nearly complete darkness, it's hard to get great-quality photos with some good lighting. So, I've been left to use the indoor lighting available to me. You can view the album in its entirety here. It was my first time playing with the Clearly Heavy Overlays by Hambly, and I must say...I am ADDICTED! At first, I thought being able to see through the whole book would bother me. But, that turned out to be not the case at all! I really love this little book!

I just realized that I never showed pictures of Tina's Christmas present:

A couple of months back, I ordered one of Rachel's scrapbook portfolios. I loved it, and had planned on buying one for Tina's Christmas present. Then I thought, "Hey...I can make on myself!" So, I did. I'm very happy with how it came out and, surprisingly, it didn't take all that long. Well, at least not considering I hand-stitched the whole thing. Yeas, I still plan on getting over my fear of the sewing machine sometime soon. Just, not quite yet! ;0) I did add a couple of things that weren't part of my portfolio. Such as, a pocket inside to hold supplies or whatever:

I also added some velcro closures. I'm always worried that the waxed linen thread is going to break on mine. So, I figured velcro would give this one a little extra holding-power. Here's a picture of the album all closed-up and ready to wrap:

Christmas was wonderful. I can't really say as much for my birthday. But, thank you all SO MUCH for the kind birthday wishes. My faux birthday with Tina on Saturday night was 100 x's better than the actual day. Yummy sushi. Delicious Benihana food. Good drinks. A wonderfully relaxing massage. Good times with a dear friend. It made for a perfect day. All in all, it has been a happy ending to a rather unhappy year. Bring it on 2008! I'll be back tomorrow with resolutions and such. But, in the meantime, I will leave you with pictures from Christmas. Hazel got her hippopotamus that she asked Santa for. Even if it wasn't real, she still loved her Build-A-Bear version:

Coincidentally, Luka's favorite gift was also a Build-A-Bear creation from Santa:

He LOVES that thing...drags it everwhere, and just lies on the floor snuggling it. So cute! I hope that you all enjoy a safe and happy New Year's Eve. Best wishes for an awesome 2008!


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to wish you happy 2008! Hope you have a happy New Year's Eve with your family. I hope 2008 holds all good things for you. Its soo cute that you got Hazel her hippo! =0)

Zoe said...

hope that 2008 brings you everything you wish for and then some!

Melanie Gonzaga said...

Happy New Year Holly!! Have a safe trip back home. Awesome job on the album and portfolio. It still blows my mind how you hand stitched that whole thing!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Happy New Year! I hope this year goes a lot more smoothly for you and your loved ones. That clearly heavy overlay album is beautiful! And I love your portfolio. I'm in the midst of finishing one for myself (I bought one too). I just haven't found the time to sew up the edges. I'm so glad they loved their presents.

GINAJAM said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing you a much improved year to come.

Your album is SO COOL and the portfolio you hand made is darling!! How do you do it all? Don't ever stop creating!!

Good luck on your trip home...hope all goes well with the flight and kiddos.

Melonie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR HOLLY!!! I wish you only the best in 08'!! I'll be thinking about you on Friday. (((HUGS)))