Friday, February 6, 2009

It's that time...

for Friday Fill-Ins!

1. Please don't tell anyone that I used to collect Beanie Babies. How seriously embarrassing. And, big thanks go out to my mom for that. I've since sold them all in a garage sale. Amazingly enough, that rare blue elephant never made me a thousandairre as promised. LOL!

2. Can you drink coffee in the morning? I can't. Or any other time of the day, for that matter. I've never acquired the taste for it. Blech.

3. The color pink makes me want to puke! Well, puke may be a bit strong. But, I don't dig pink. I've never been that kind of girly-girl, and I don't look good in pink anyway. Unfortunately, Hazel is infatuated with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING pink.

4. I have a craving for sushi. That's an odd thing to crave at 9:00 in the morning. But, I could eat sushi all day everyday. *drool*

5. If my life had a pause button, I'd pause it right now. And, I would enjoy what will probable be one of the last weekends that Bryan will be home for the next 1 year+. We're ramping up for another deployment, lots of lock-down schools, and preparatory planning. We won't be seeing much of him from here on out. :0(

6. Eyes are the gateway to the soul. Isn't that how the saying goes? I think you can tell a lot by watching people's eyes... especially during conversation. They can be very telling.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eating at Cheddar's. We haven't eaten at one since we lived in Dallas. We're traveling to Charlotte for a cheerleading competition, and they happen to have one of 2 Cheddar's in North Carolina. Bryan and I have been craving their Buffalo Chicken Wrapper ever since we left Dallas. Hmmm... maybe I should change my answer on #4. Tomorrow my plans include cheering Hazel on in her cheerleading competition. Go Storm All-Stars! And Sunday, I want to clean! Well, I don't really WANT to clean, but it's what needs to be done. *sigh*

I was up late last night making this nifty sign for Hazel's cheerleading competition this weekend.

I knew my mad skills (and insanely huge scrapbooking stash) would come in handy for something else one day! LOL! Miss Hazel will have the best sign in the house, if I do say so myself. Now, if any of my readers are from Texas, I have a questions for you. Do you know of any good online stores to get things to make homecoming mums? And, anybody that isn't from Texas, and thinks they know what a homecoming mum is... you have no idea. Texas just does 'em different. And, like everything else... BIGGER! Anyway, I'm not looking to make a mum, I just want some of the things they use to make some signs and noisemakers for Hazel's big competition in Myrtle Beach next month. But, all of the sites I found on Google, you either needed a business license to buy wholesale, or they didn't have a good selection. Link me up if you know of any great places on the www, please.

Everyone else... have a FANTABULOUS weekend! I'll be back on Sunday or Monday with February's 12 Months of Christmas project. I have it done, but totally forgot to take pictures while I was making it. DOH! So, I'm going to make another one and photo the process. I'll have a little giveaway to go along with it, so don't forget to check back!


BeeBopp23 said...

That sign is awesome! Your seriously going to make all the other moms feel bad! lol!

Mel G said...

Have a great weekend, Holly! That sign is awesome. I can't wait to start making stuff like that! hehe

Anonymous said...

Great sign Holly!
Can't wait to see the next project.
Enjoy your dinner out and your weekend!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry that your hubby is being deployed again. Wish he didn't have to go. Hazel's sign is incredibly gorgeous! And I used to collect beanie babies too. That's how I got my job at the Christmas store. I knew way too much about them.

cre8tivkj said...

I love the sign! If you decide to stop by my blog, please excuse the pink :)

Anonymous said...

Love the sign!
Happy weekend!

~just me said...

your list is funny cause most of the things on it are true for me too (except the sushi, but you might convert me once i'm within range of an ocean again)! coffee sucks (but it does smell good, whats up with that? how can something smell good and taste that awful?)

shhh don't tell, i think i still have a box with beanies somewhere cause i just KNEW someday they would be worth something! HA!

that sign ROCKS, def will be the best one there!

good luck this weekend =0)

Jocelyn said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend!!!! I too was involved in the Beanie Baby craze and they are still stored in tubs in our garage!!! How could I have ever thought a stuffed toys would be me tons of money!!!! I love your sign and I agree that Hazel is going to have the bestest sign there!!!! Have a great one!!!

danilouwho said...

ok, that sign is pretty much amazing! you're such an awesome mom!

Jill Deiling said...

okay i live close to texas but i still had no clue what a "mum" was, aha.
omg, that sign you made for hazels competition is incredible, you are such an amazing mommy! :)
I am so with you on the hate coffee thing, me too!
im sorry that bryan is leaving again soon, i feel bad for you guys, i wish he didnt have to! :(

Lydia Siegel said...

Holly Im just came to your blog from the pink paislee site. Im from texas and so know what you mean by mums! That was one of the best part of high school for me. However Im sure Im late here on answering your question, but I know alot of the stuff the store in texas used you could find them at hobby lobby as well. Hope this helps. Also, you are in NC? My sister and best friends lives on the outs of Bragg.