Thursday, August 21, 2008

takin' a look

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, so I thought it was a good time to do a little window shopping. Most of these finds were stumbled upon while I was looking through the new decor8 blog. Have you checked out the new format over there? It's fabulous...definitely worth a looksie.

I must have this. I mean, seriously, skulls...on a coffee mug!!! And, it's so bright and colorful! I don't drink coffee, but I would certainly love to fill that little guy up with some killer hot chocolate or apple cider. There are lots more designs (even different colored skull mugs) available at Lollipop Pottery. It's all so gorgeous...betcha' can't pick just one!

John W Golden. 'Nuf said. I love his poster prints. This one in particular because Hazel has gotten to the scared of monsters phase of childhood. Every night before bedtime, we have to do a "moster check" in her room. Funny, because I seem to remember having some crazy similar, neurotically elaborate bedtime routine before I went to bed. So, I'm sure my mom is getting a kick out of the fact that I have passed on the neurosis to my little lady. That said, I think she needs this sign. Although, there are several other signs that are part of his "By Order of the Management" collection that are must-haves on my list, including "Pick Up Your Dirty Clothes," (BRYAN...*cough, cough* *ahem*), "Put Your Dishes in the Sink," and the saying most often being bellowed from my mouth on the daily: "Share Your Toys!" He has a "Pick Your Mix" set of 4 prints where you can choose any 4 of the posters to make your own collection. I just might have to look into that the next time I come across an extra $70.

Ever heard of Paloma's Nest? No? Well, now you have. ;0) Their whole site is amazing, but I am particularly interested in these adorable little ceramic tags. Perfect for scrapbooking, right? Their designs make me wish I knew someone that is getting married soon. Their personalized platters would make such a unique wedding gift!

Something else for my littlest of lovelies. The illustrations are simply amazing! Might be in the works for a Christmas gift. Pick yours up here.
That's enough drooling over things I can't have for right now. This weekend has been filled with...

*Yard work, yard work, and more yard work. My garden had been a little neglected for the last few weeks. There were lots of weeds to pull.

*Porch painting. I'm almost done with the front porch. I hope to finish the back porch before my mother-in-law comes on Friday.

*A new hairstyle. Finally got rid of the red. It was fun for a year, but way too much maintenance. I'm glad to be back to a nice chocolate brown with a shaggy bob. Short hair to keep cool for the end of this hot summer, but long enough to get a head-start on growing it back out over the winter.

*Driving in traffic. Lots of traffic. And, stop lights. Lots of stop lights. Yay for almost mastering the stick shift!

*Halloween banner-making. I'll share soon. It's coming out very cute!

*Nachos. I'm addicted to nachos lately. I can tell you the 3 best place for nachos in a 50 mile radius. In case you're interested... #1-Monterrey (local Mexican restaurant), #2-Smokey Bones (the BBQ chicken nachos are the bomb!), and #3-the BBQ'd chicken nachos that I have nearly duplicated in my own kitchen. ;0) Order up in about 10 mintues!

*Some very exciting news that I can't share just yet. I can't believe I have to hold this in until at least the end of September. It's killing me!

*And last, but not least, I was given this fabulous award by the insanely talented Lisa Garay:

Here are the rules:
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

Here are the chicas I nominate:
*Khris Winthrop: Not only is she fabulously talented, but about one of the sweetest gals I've met in a long time. I only wish we didn't live so far away.
*Miss Gigi: I adore everything about this girl, and she has always been so encouraging toward my work.
*Jessica Summers: This girl slings the color like nobody's business, and I'm a wee bit jealous that she lives where I wish that Bryan would get stationed some day.
*Jill Scripps: She takes a mean photo, and I'm convinced our children were somehow separated at birth.
*Michelle Jacquemet: I'm convinced that if we lived any closer, we would be fast friends!
*Mama of Mugsy Boo: there anything this woman creates that isn't totally amazing?!?
*The Fabulous Zoe: Even though she hasn't been around much in bloggy land lately, she always makes me laugh. I miss you, Zoe!

That's it. So, anyone else have any grand adventures this weekend?


KhrisW said...

What wonderful compliments! How very lovely of you....

I wish you lived closer too. We'd have so much fun together!

What you wrote means so much to me. Probably more than you know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

KhrisW said...

Oh, and if we lived closer, I'd have helped you weed your garden.

laverneboese said...

hee hee, i just posted that same award for you. i truly do love your blog and admire your work :)

ellen said...

i adore pottery, i will have to check out that place. no doubt about the award! fabulous stuff.

Ginajam said...

lots of fun stuff to look at! I love that you do that for us. Congrats on whatever it is that you have to wait to tell us about...come on September!! i always get tired reading what you've been up to...where do you get the energy to do it all???

danilouwho said...

I love John W Golden's signs, I pretty much just want them all.... I wonder how they would look all over my house?

Great post!

Melonie said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my bliggity. LOVES the new stuff that you posted. I check out CreativeThursday paintings on Etsy all of the time. Love her stuff. Can't wait to hear your secret!!

Anonymous said...

Holly, thanks for the nice comments over at my blog. No clowns today, I promise!

Dina said...

You know, I hate surprises, so I want to know your exciting news! :) lol!

Martha Bonneau said...

You are the sweetest...I totally stalk your blog for inspo (and pics of Sake) so I am beyond thrilled that you read my blog too!!

Gigi said...! thanks so much sweets!
i'm honored!

+ those ceramic tags are so cool
+ i'm w/ khris...i'd help you weed too
+ those posters are fab



Gigi said...

oh & congrats on the OLW win!

go holly :)


~just me said...

monsters are the worst! lol cute stuff, keep posting so some of us get an idea whats on your christmas/birthday wish list =0)

oh & congrats on whatever the awesome exciting news is...

Lizee said...

ooh I cant wait to see your new hair color! I was debating going red for the fall. The maintance isnt friendly on my wallet, but I loooove red hair.

I cant wait to read about ur exciting must be huge! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the layout love over on my blog Holly. I can't wait to see pics of your hair and for you to share this news you have... by the way, if you win the cricut at vanilla joy you can expect a house guest. hee hee hee =o)

sunnie_fairy said...

wow! love your finds... sorry about the traffic and yard work.
Your new 'do sounds cute, though! :]

Kylie B said...

Oh I so love Decor8 its fantastic I get the daily emails!

Love your finds!

jill s said...

thank you girlie!

i love that monster poster!

i'll post on my blog with the blog i love soon!!:)

thanks again. and i agree...our kids would seriously be best buds.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.