Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bloglines saved my life!

Well, not really. But, it sure is making it easier to catch-up and KEEP UP with my regular reads. I'm still adding some of you, and catching up on my reading. This has taken a lot longer than I had expected. I'm almost done, though. SO, don't worry if you haven't heard from me in a while. I'm getting there. ;0)

I have nothing scrappy to share. I have a tendency to start a ton of projects at once, and I'm in that beginning phase on about 5 thing right now. So, instead of scrappy eye candy, I thought it might be time for a little window shopping instead. I found this artist today through a post at Poppy Talk. Erin Tyner is an AMAZING artist. She creates dioramas, and then photographs them. They are so eerily beautiful! Although, I'm really trying to be good with my spending, I had to have one. Hey...I said ONE. Well, one for right now. This was my first purchase:

As my budget permits, I will be adding this one, then this one, and finally this one.

And, I don't know what it is lately, but I am having a major jones for all things Urban Outfitters. It's a sickness really. First of all, I MUST have this for the Halloween party that we plan on hosting this year:

And, HELLO?!? This is must-have for the dresser in my bedroom. We have the ugliest table lamp in there right now. Yes, it was from Pottery Barn. But, it is just so not my style. I've been looking to replace it FOREVER, and this is perfect!

These would make for some rockin' necklace hangers in my bedroom:

And, I'll definitely be needing some of these. Not for my kitchen, though. I'm thinking they would make nice little bowls for my craft room to put bits of this and that in. :0)

I'll spare you any more of my crazy window shopping after just one more. I love these mixing bowls. My mom has a similar set that she's had since I was a little girl. They bring back good memories, and come in even COOLER colors than my mom's. I gotta' have these...for nostalgia sake, ya' know?

I have about $300 worth of stuff on my wish list over there, and I could probably add more. And, we won't even go into my desires from the new Pottery Barn catalog. *sigh* But, I'm really trying to be good. Trying. Really. Hard. And, if it wasn't for this trip to the beaches of South Carolina, and the $200 worth of gas that I'm probably going to have to spend...some of it could have been mine. As it is, I suppose I'll just have to drool through the cyber window.

Speaking of my trip, I don't know why I had it set in my mind that we were supposed to be there today. Silly great aunt & uncle didn't have the house rented for us until tomorrow. Good thing I couldn't find directions to their beach house on Mapquest. Otherwise, I would have just printed them out, and been on my way. Fortunately, I called them this morning to get the directions, and was informed of my error. Whoops! Hazel is majorly upset. But, we'll get up bright and early tomorrow morning to leave. So, I hope to have some nice beachy photos to share tomorrow...and a tag that I am WAAAAAY over due on completing!


Jill Deiling said...

you always find the cutest things on the net!! :D I love them all! especially those neclace hangers and pretty bowls :) Good luck finishing all your projects!!

jill s said...

i hope you have a WONDERFUL vacation!! i can't wait to see your pictures.

and i can't wait to see what craftiness you've been up to!


{{ ♥ jEn ♥ }} said...

have a fun & safe trip! cant wait to see your pix.

and such yummies you always find...i love your tastes! =)

and i understand about getting behind...i get behind a little every couple of days anyway lol. i was using bloglines but now i've switched to newsgator cause they have both an online reader & one you can download...its pretty nice cause you can comment right there cause it has a built in browser. you might wanna look @ it...i'm in love! =) and no rush on the tags! i'm still behind cause i got tagged like 4 times lol.


mushroommeadows said...

You have great taste; all your wish list items look awesome. :)

Yay! I hope you guys have a great time at the beach! ;)

Zoe said...

hope you have an awesome trip. i have no clue how you have been managing without a reader! i love the necklace holders!

dani j. said...

ohhh gosh... I LOVE Urban Outfitters. They need a I <3 Urban Outfitters shirt. Because I would buy it and wear it every day!

Bloglines is awesome, it has made reading blogs sooo much easier!

Have an amazing time at the beach and enjoy yourself!!!

Amber Risher said...

I totally love everything that you want/ need! LOL It is all so pretty! I cant wait to see your beachy pics...sorry the weather isn't so beachy but I am sure you all will still have a wonderful time! hugs!

xx Amber

Callista said...

Love the tree branches... may need those myself for the necklaces that are laying all over my dresser! Have a great and safe trip and can't wait to see some pics. But most of all I hope you are able to relax and enjoy it.

Michelle said...

I know the feeling of starting a ton of projects at once. You can do it! I love seeing what you are shopping for. So fun!

Alexis said...

Love all those pics! Love me some UO! BTW< you've been tagged!

Marie said...

Ok everything u have posted is super rockin! I want it all! ill just have you find everything and ill buy it lmao! Ok yeah when im rich! I have so many unfinished projects it aint even funny! Good luck sweetie!

Erin Tyner said...

Hi Holly, your twister photo headed out to you yesterday. Thank you so much for writing about me on your blog :) Have a great weekend and a wonderful trip!!

scrappermimi said...

Enjoy your beach time! I am so loving all those bowl too! Time to shop!

Boriquaz said...

The lamp is absolutely adorable, those are some great items to be on your wishlist. I heart window shopping so much.

Michelle said... much eye candy, holly!! =) Thanks for pointing out that photographer!! Wonderful stuff! =) Have fun!