Monday, February 4, 2008

So much for suspense...

So, those of you that guessed that the cute little papier mache dress form was going to be used to create a mini-dress...give yourselves a nice little pat on the back! :0)

This was my submission for round 2 of the Fashionista try-outs over at SIStv. Unfortunately, I didn't make it past this round. But, I'm not surprised...there was an AMAZING amount of talent amongst all of the ladies! Big congratulations to EVERYONE who advanced to the next round! I'm not totally crushed...everything happens for a reason. But, I would be lying if I said that it didn't sting just a little bit. I still LOVE what I created! And, that's all that really matters. :0) And, at least it means that I get to share it with all of you! I was dying not being able to share. The challenge was to create a LO or project that represented why we wanted to become a Fashionista. So, each of the 6 little chipboard flower petals had one word on it that explained why I wanted to become a Fashionista.

Anyway, thank goodness for happy mail to lift my spirits, right? Thanks so much to the lovely Marie for sending me this ADORABLE little owlie book as a belated birthday gift! Amazingly enough, it was my favorite out of all of the ones that she made! Lucky me!

It's just too cute, though! I don't think I will actually be able to use will just have to find a nice little home on my display shelf so that I can admire it all the time. :0) And, I was super surprised to find a package from my lovely Poppy Ink girl, Rebecca Coolidge:

What a lovely, LOVELY surprise! And, I have big plans for that time card on a future LO! I'm convinced that my mail is the sole source of amusement for my mailman's entire day. We live in the rural hick-a-boo suburbs of Fort Bragg, and I doubt that my young mailman sees very much interesting mail come his way. I can always tell that he's amused by all of the craftily decorated packages that come my way. And, then today, he got to deliver this little gem:

He looked totally confused when he brought this little tube to my door today. He probably thinks I'm totally weird. But, I bought Hazel a little ladybug habitat for Christmas, and we finally ordered the ladybug larvae a couple of weeks ago. She was SO EXCITED to deposit these little guys into their new habitat to watch them develop. I must admit, ladybug larvae are rather disgusting looking. I love ladybugs, but these things look like mini earwigs. I wish I had a great macro lens so I could photograph their development. Oh, well.

I'm off to do a little retail therapy. Shopping always makes me feel better, and I feel some Urban Outfitters goods calling my name! I'll be back tomorrow to share my purchases. Oh, and hopefully, to share that Hambly project I was talking about yesterday. I thought I had the screws I needed to finish the project off. But, silly me...I'll have to make a run to Home Depot tomorrow to get some. Happy Monday loves!


Anonymous said...

Bummer about the contest, but that is a cha-cha lil dress! You got all sorts of fun stuff in the mail! I think your mail is probably the highlight of the mailman's day. Oh & retail is my favorite kind of therapy.
Later chicky =0)

jill s said...

that dress is GORGEOUS holly.
you are amazing.
i'm floored that you didn't make it through.
you got some sweet mail!
you have to let me know how the ladybugs do! i think sage would love it.

have a gorgeous day friend.


Anonymous said...

That dress is AMAZING. seriously, that a very genius idea!

yay happy mail!

I can't wait to hear how your little lady bugs are doing! What a cool gift idea.

Somebody's Nobody said...

I love you dress you made. It is so cute and I'm sure a wonderful addition to an already creatively decorated home. Sounds like you and your mailman are getting to be quite close.

Melonie said...

WOW Holly the dress is fantastic! Love the necklace too!
Yay for happy mail days.

Melanie Gonzaga said...

Love the dress Holly!! And congrats on the guest DT gig!! Can't wait to find out which club it is!!!!

Zoe said...

that dress is so freakin cute. lady bug larva???? barf!

Lizee said...

LOLOL super least you're keeping your postman entertained!

Lovin the dress...u shoulda made it to round two!

Michelle said...

I love that lil dress!! I saw it at Sis cute!!

Marie said...

Oh i love ladybugs!!! We go and pick them off the fence in the spring (larvae) and then watch them devolpe its soo fun! My kids love it! Youre so welcome for the owl im glad it was ur fav! Sorry it took so long! I love the dress and i totally think u shoulda made it to the next round but at least u got the catwalk with it! YIpee! Kerry lynn is my fav scrapper too!