Sunday, February 3, 2008

Looking back...

Wow! I can't believe that photo was taken one year ago yesterday. Looking back on it, I remember feeling like I never knew how I would make it through a whole year without Bryan. 12 months seemed like a lifetime. Then we found out that it would actually be something more like 15 months. But, now that we're coming out the other side, I don't know where the time has gone. This last year just flew by. Thank God for small favors, right? I can't believe I only have about 2 months before he comes home. I have to admit, though...2 months seems like forever when you're anticipating something so exciting. I can't publish the exact date that Bryan is expected to come home (due to security reasons), but let's just say that he will actually be home for our anniversary. So, for anyone who actually knows when that is...there's your answer. This will be the FIRST anniversary that he's been home for since we got married. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that everything goes as scheduled.

I had so much fun creating this weekend! I actually made my first canvas, and I LOVED the whole process. It's a sign that I made for my studio with my business name: Charmed Girl Creations. I even found a Maya Road chipboard crown that is shaped EXACTLY like the crown that an artist friend drew for my company logo a few years back! And, you recognize those nifty little vintage buttons attaching the hanger to the canvas? I have been DYING to use those ever since you sent them to me for Christmas!

I also came up with a pretty nifty idea on how to use some Hambly rubs and a piece of their Clearly Heavy Overlays. But, I'm not quite finished with the project. I'll probably have pics of that to post tomorrow. Let's see...what else? Had a little Super Bowl gathering with a couple of my neighbor gals. All of our husbands are deployed together, so it was just us ladies. We had the game on in the background, but paid little to no attention to it. We spent most of the time eating and chatting. The kids all had a blast playing together. All in all, it was a nice escape from my house for a couple of hours. I also got the nicest little surprise today! I actually got asked to do my first guest DT spot, and for one of the most FABULOUS of kits! But, I have to keep that under wraps for a while. I can't wait to spill the beans, though. I'm really so honored to have been asked. Eek!

Okay, I am off to play a little blog catch-up. I've been so absent from reading my fave blogs lately. Things have just been crazy busy. So, if I don't get around to checkin' up on you tonight, I'll definitely be back for more catch-up tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Oh! I almost forgot...the pay-it-forward RAK! So, the lucky ladies are (drumroll, please)...Melonie, Ellen and Somebody's Nobody. Please e-mail me your addresses at, and I will get something in the mail to you in the mext couple of weeks! :0) And, only one person guessed correctly as to what the dress form will be used for. But, I can't tell just yet. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I'll be able to share!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe its been a year either. That means its been a little over a year since we got back in touch. I know the last year has had its ups & downs but I'm sooo glad I've gotten to know you (again!). Anywho, cute sign missy! Does this mean your etsy shop is coming soon?? Enquiring minds want to know! Hope you had a great weekend. Oh & congrats! Luv Ya! =0)

Jill Deiling said...

ooo, i cant wait to hear who youre guest designing for!! :D I looove your new canvas! that pic is so cute, cant believe that was one year ago either, time flies!
sounds like you had lots of fun at your superbowl party too! :) have a great monday!

jill s said...

time does fly by!
i'm so excited for you that the end of your hubby being gone is finally in sight!

and i LOVE your canvas! so glad you were able to put those button to good use!


Melonie said...

I am so happy that your year went by somewhat quickly and that Bryan's tour is coming to an end soon.
So happy for you on the Guest DT gig! Can't wait to see who it's for and what you do!
Love your canvas and I hope you have a great week.

Somebody's Nobody said...

Oooo I love the canvas. I like the MM shaped paper on the sides. Good idea! I'm sure you are so happy to have your hubby back soon. I'm sure he is very excited to see his wife and babies again as well. Are you so excited to leave the house by yourself when he comes back?!

Michelle said...

he the "superbowl" get together....totally what I woulda done! lol...=) and yay, hubby's almost home! that rocks! Can't wait to hear which kit...congrads!!

Zoe said...

i love that pic. isn't it a nice feeling that he will be home soon! i love your sign!

kathleen said...

Holly, great news about your hubs and your DT gig : ) LOVE your canvas!!

sara berry said...

I know how hard the last part can be...but it will fly by too! Congrats on the dt spot, your work is phenonmenal, you deserve it!