Saturday, August 8, 2009


I love independent artists. I would, hands down, any day of the week prefer to support their efforts rather than a big box store. I could spend lifetimes sifting through all of the treasures to be found on Etsy. I'm always thrilled when I come across something new and special. Something perfect for the corner of that little shelf. Something perfect for the kitchen. There are so many products on Etsy... it's impossible to find all of the freshness on your own.

When I posted the giveaway on August 4th and asked for any great links you guys had, you all did not disappoint! Here are some of my favorite new things (thanks to you)...

From Fey Handmade. I've wanted a cuckoo clock for quite some time now. But, the $100's-$1,000's the cost? Not in my budget. At $28, this one is much more affordable... and possibly a great deal cuter! Fey Handmade has a great variety of products... check 'em out!

From MiChiMa. Uh, hello? Felt + alphabet + magnets + rainbow colors = PERFECTION. Love these! If only I didn't have a stainless steel refrigerator that magnets won't stick on. :0( She does have some non-magnetic versions that would make great teaching tools, though!

From Carolina Patchworks. Who wouldn't love to curl up under this beauty on a cool fall evening? Okay, maybe you can't wrap your head around that idea right now with this 90 degree heat. But, it's beautiful nonetheless. And, the quilter is from Raleigh, NC... right in my own backyard. Gotta' support the local crafters!

From Tessa Ann. Gasp! How could I possibly have not come across her site before? She makes the most awesome handmade buttons! If I ever owned my own kit club, I would be commissioning this woman to make some buttons for it!

From The Rainbow Room. This woman has everything rainbowlicious! This is a necklace, but couldn't you imagine it as some garland for your Christmas tree? *drool*

From Sweet and Sassy Accessories. Cute hair clips galore!

From ormolu. Gorgeous paper embellies, and this woman is definitely doing her part to save the environment. A lot of her products are printed on recycled papers, and printed with soy inks using wind power.

Thank you so much for sharing all of your handmade finds! You all are quite the bunch of enablers, aren't you? If you haven't already entered my Chatterbox giveaway, you can do that here until 11:59 pm tomorrow (Sunday) night.


Jocelyn said...

Oh what a YUMMY Post!!!! I adore all these goodies and those Buttons...OH MY GOODNESS....they are so CUTE!!!!! Thanks for sharing and enabling!!!!! Now I am off to shop!!!! Have a great weekend!!! :)

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Beth Perry said...

yay us!!! lol

Mel G said...

Must. have. some. buttons! :)

Michelle said...

Wow, all incredible finds. Thanks for sharing!