Wednesday, May 27, 2009

*home grown*

Had I known the simple fact that we grew it ourselves, would inspire Hazel to eat a salad (and actually ask for another the next day)... I would have started growing my own vegetable garden years ago! The only unfortunate part is that it's a rather slow process growing all of those delicious veggies. So far, the only thing that has been ready to consume has been the romaine lettuce. But, let me tell you... those lettuce heads are HUGE! Enough to make grilled chicken Caesar salads for well over a week. Hopefully, it won't be long before we have some other veggies ripe for the pickin'! I even picked up a book on canning and preserving. Now all I have to do is purchase a canner, pick out some recipes, and wait... not. so. patiently.

Other happenings over our extended Memorial Day weekend...

* All-American white picket fence around the front yard: nearly finished.

* A fun little potluck birthday party at some new friends' house. For which, I fixed these. If you like spicy food, I really recommend you try this recipe. It is DELISH! And, it's a very flavorful kind of spicy... not just hot for the sake of being hot.

* A new truck! Our Jeep was getting on in years, and Bryan wanted me to have a more reliable vehicle to drive while he's deployed later this year. So, he bought me a fab new 2009 F-150! I never thought I'd own a truck and actually L.O.V.E. it!

* Getting settled back into the house after my 10 day trip to Alaska. Why does it always take so long to get unpacked and resettled? Probably because I'm chasing around 2 small children all the while.

That's about it, but it was certainly enough to keep us more than busy!


Kendra said...

So excited you're gardening now! You will love it. And the canning is so rewarding, especially in the middle of winter when you're still eating green beans and tomatoes you grew yourself. : )

Congrats on the new truck!

Zarah said...

White picket fence rocks! Maybe it could rub off on ours and make it more white and... new?! ;)

Beautiful photo too btw :)

Mel G said...

Good to hear that Hazel is excited to eat lettuce!! We have some tomatoes growing in a pot, hopefully DS#2 will be interested in eating them when they are ripe :)He is so picky :)

danilouwho said...

I would love to be able to grow my own salads, I've never grown a thing in my life!

We just bought a hanging tomato plant and if I get one little tomato I will be happy!

Nicole said...

Yum! I love growing our own veggies too!

Watch out for that japanese beetle/ladybug! They'll eat through everything!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a lot of great things are going on around your house! We recently had artichokes from our garden for dinner. Can't wait to see the new picket fence and photos from your visit to Alaska!

KhrisW said...

Congratulations on your new rig, Holly! You deserved it!