Thursday, November 20, 2008

Real Simple

I love that magazine. I anxiously await its arrival in my mailbox every month. And, I think that one of my favorite parts of each issue is where they ask readers what they would do if they had an extra $100 to spend. They totally break it down . I love that little peek into someone's life. So, I thought it would be fun to work through that little exercise myself. I even got down to the nitty gritty by adding in the sales tax...LOL! And, away we go...

$6.68 for this yummy little candle. On sale... can't beat that!

$35.50 (with shipping) for this pretty wreath from here:

Too bad "quantities are limited," and I don't have the $36 bucks to spare right now. Bryan probably wouldn't be too jazzed with a pink wreath on the front door anyway (ask me if I care). Ha!

$12.00 for a quick nacho dinner for Bryan and me at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

$6.96 for this adorable little owl stamp (gotta' love Her Arts):

Hey, you really didn't think I was going to make a list that didn't include some sort of scrappy supply, did you? And, a girl's gotta' make some cute Christmas cards! Right? As it is, I have no designs in mind, and little enthusiasm to make them. I'm thinking it might just have to be boxed cards this year. Eek! Did I just admit to that?

$18.73 for the extra-large "Seal of Approval" squeeze punch from Fiskars.

$10 for a can of my FAVORITE treat that is only available during the holidays: Candy Cane Almond Roca... ALL. FOR. MYSELF. *drool*

And, $9.99 to download the new album from these guys (The Fratellis):

That about sums it up. Literally. Wow. Looking at what I have here, $100 seems to go so much further on paper than it does in real life. Because, let's be honest, if I actually had $100 right now, it would be spent on Christmas presents. Oh, well.

I'll be back with something crafty to share soon. I've been on a bit of a creative hiatus lately... lots of holiday prep to get taken care of! Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? I know we are. Only one more week! Really, how did that happen? How is it already turkey time?


Melonie said...

I always love going shopping with you (I mean on your blog;) You find the most adorable things. Hope you are having a great week.

Anonymous said...

Holly, you rock. Come by my blog and check out the award I left for you.
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful items you would spend your money on!

~just me said...

I don't know how it is already turkey time,but i wish someone would stop hitting the fast forward button on this thing i call my life...i'm pretty sure 3 days ago it was june and now it is 5 weeks until christmas...ekk

Anonymous said...

Holly, I just wanted to tell you that I think your blog and creations are awesome :)

Karen xx

Jocelyn said...

I adore that magazine and always go through it several times. I'm going to do what you did and see how I could spend that $100.00 and get the best deals. Times are tough here too, so all the extra I can muster will be spent on gift giving. I have a confession, I bought a box of cards, yikes, I have not sent out boxed cards in eight years, but this year, things are going way too quick. I did make some cards, for my special girls, who better not throw them away! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

KhrisW said...

All for myself *drool*

Well, that was hilarious, Holly!

I don't think that pink wreath will fly but hey, you could just put it up anyway and see what happens....

Jennifer Y said...

Hi Holly! I just love reading your blog! You have such talent and do awesome great work at LT! Thanks for all the inspiration! :))

Zoe said...

i love the real simple family edition that comes out. great ideas!