Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nerdgasm: A collective of cross-stitch patterns for your inner nerd!

Well, yesterday's post got derailed by a string of doctor appointments, and one of my littles that decided to flush paper towels down the toilet resulting in a small pond in our downstairs. Lovely, right? Just how I wanted to kick off the week. Let's hope it can only get better from here! *knocks on wood*

But, as promised... I'm back with February's 12 months of Christmas project!

Any guesses as to what this might be?

Sometimes, I can whip through a cross-stitching project. Sometimes, not. So, the beginning of the year is a great time to get started stitching! This time, we're tapping into your inner nerd. We all have something we nerd out about, don't we? For some, it's Harry Potter. For others, like my husband, it's Star Wars. And, we all have that quirky person on our shopping list that is next to impossible to shop for. The perfect solution? A handmade gift honoring their crazy little obsession.

On my list, I have 1 super-hero fanatic, 2 Harry Potter nuts, 1 Star Wars freak, and 1 Lord of the Rings junkie. (There's a 12 Days of Christmas *Nerd Edition* in there somewhere.) Hahaha. And, trust me... there are cross-stitching patterns for ALL of them. I'm going to round up a few of my favorite sources here, and I hope that you'll stitch along with me!

If any of you guessed Harry Potter for the theme of my sample up above... you were right! I'll be working with this pattern from Cloudsfactory...

Cloudsfactory is probably my favorite for nerdist stitchery. They have some super-cute Doctor Who patterns to include this clock project. I never would have thought of turning one of my projects into a clock, but Doctor Who is a home-run for that idea. There are also Star Wars alphabets, dozens of Disney patterns, this Star Trek pillow, and even an obscure A Clockwork Orange pattern. Basically... anything your nerdy little heart desires, I can almost guarantee that Cloudsfactory has a pattern for it! I also couldn't resist purchasing this super-hero alphabet for the aspiring little Hulk on my list...

80's & 90's sitcoms more of your nerd-out thing? Tiny Modernist has some cute Golden Girls and Designing Women patterns. I love Tiny Modernist. She isn't just all nerdy patterns... you should really check out all the adorable patterns at her shop! 

Pixels In Stitches is a shop I just recently stumbled across while searching for a The Big Bang Theory pattern...

She also had a pattern of my favorite nerdy obsession: The Walking Dead. She also has a great selection of 80's and 90's cult classic movie samplers: Heathers, The Breakfast Club, and Empire Records to name a few. 

Didn't see anything here that caught your eye? Head on over to Etsy, and search out your nerdy treasure. You'd be surprised... they have cross-stitch patterns for almost ANYTHING nowadays!

As for me, I had better get back to stitching. I really wanted to finish this Harry Potter project by the end of the month. Although, I think that aspiration is a bit lofty. If you want to follow along, or participate in this nerdy cross-stitching adventure, use #nerdystitcher on Instagram (I'm charmedgirl). Can't wait to see you there!

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