Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday happiness

My favorite new musical artist (well, new to me). And, no, it isn't just because we share the same name. ;0) She just plain rocks. Holly Conlan...

On to some Friday fill-in's. The questions just plain suited me this week, so I had to post 'em!

1. It's time for my blogiversary!
That's right... I've been at it here for 2 years! Hard to believe. I never even kept a pen and paper diary going for that long. Maybe it's just the amazing blog community that keeps me going. Yep. That must be it! Anyway, I know NaBloPoMo is usually observed in November, but I'll be celebrating my version of the daily blogging ritual during the month of August. That's right... a post a day. Lots of inspiration, crafting, tutorials, recipes and even a couple of giveaways! That's right... free stuff! And, good free stuff too! Not just stuff I scrounged from drawers in my craft room. And, remember that whole 12 months of Christmas project? Yeah... we're getting back on track with that! So, be sure to check back... the fun starts tomorrow! ;0)

2. North Carolina; it's not a bad place for seafood. Look at these little guys that Bryan picked up on the way home from work today...

$12 for a dozen! Can't beat that. I see lots of blue crab nights in my future.

3. I must be crazy... to have shown those LIVE crabs to the kids. Now, they want to keep them... as pets.

4. Loving them...

is the best thing I have ever known. Even if they have *TOTALLY* tried my patience this last week, and worked every last nerve. They're still the sweetest things on earth.

5. My life is simply wonderful right now! I am enjoying every last second with Bryan before he leaves. We're having tons of fun, and making lots of memories.

6. The last time I laughed really loudly was last night... at one of my favorite episodes of George Lopez. Yes, I'm a Nick at Nite junkie!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to... cooking up those yummy blue crabs up there!!

Tomorrow my plans include... a garage sale. No fun, no fun. But, the get-together afterward with friends will make it all worth it!

And Sunday, I want to... take a trip to the Raleigh flea market to see what treasures I can find. Hopefully something as cool as this vintage canister set that I scored just recently...

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

ohhh love the canister set!
You know, I've never had blue crab and the hubby's side of the family always makes fun of me for it. But what I don't understand is why they never served it to me while I was visiting in either VA or NC. They look good though and what a steal! Crab is so darn pricey!
Love your list Holly! Have a great weekend girl!

Beth Perry said...

awesome canister set. love that color. love the pic of the kids at the beach. happy blogiversary.
love crab meat.yum. i making shrimp rigatoni tonight. mmmm
have a great weekend!

Jocelyn said...

Oh Holly the cannister set is awesome!!! I love it!!!! about I stop by and have some with you guys!!!!! Happy Blogaversary!!!!!Just adore your list and thank you for keeping in touch and supporting me through this time!!!! All these people in my house is really starting to grate on my nerves!!!! Computer time is such good therapy!!!! Love ya girlie!!!

Melonie said...

Score on the canister set!! And in your favorite color too! Love your list and I am so glad you are all having a great summer.
Thanks so much for the camera help. I was actually thinking of not taking a camera at all.... (can you believe that craziness?) and then I remembered your pic of Luka waiting for the gates to open and the pic of Bryan with the lights whirling behind him on the tea cups and I said NO WAY can I not have a camera on this trip! So I think I am going to buy a Powershot today:)
Hope you have a super weekend and have fun flea marketing!

Sara Berry said...

Oh, those are awesome...and the seafood makes me want to go out and get some for supper!
Happy Blogversary...I am so happy that you share your life and art with all of us. :)

Michelle said...

Happy Blogiversary! I've never seen blue crab before! Glad that I'll have a whole month of you blogging. Sounds great!