Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lions and tigers and bears...Alaskan-style

Okay, so there weren't really any lions, and all of the Siberian tigers died in the last year, but there were a couple of fabulous polar bears left at the Alaska Zoo.

And, I suppose the snow leopards took the place of the tigers quite nicely.

But, sometimes, nothing compares to what you find in your own backyard.

Well, if you're living in Alaska anyway. We don't have much more than birds and a few random squirrels back in North Carolina. At any rate, we made it safely to Alaska. And, although it isn't the tropical vacation of my dreams, we are having a great time! I've even found some time to get creative, and finished up my ATC's for the swap over at Label Tulip. So, if you are part of that swap, and want to be surprised, STOP! Spoiler ahead...

It has been a while since I've done ATC's, so I was a little rusty, and these weren't my best by far. But, I'm satisfied with how they turned out. The theme for the cards was "Relax." Whatever we do to relax, that's what we had to make a card about. I find gardening to be incredibly relaxing. Well, at least when it's cooler than the 100+ degrees that we left behind in NC. Anyway, gardening...that's what my cards were all about.

Well, stay tuned tomorrow for some sneaks of this month's Label Tulip sneaks. And, speaking of that, I had better get back to work. And, to what I left behind downstairs in the craft room...

Yes, that IS my darling hubs sleeping on the floor with his head IN the dog bed! Buenos noches!


danilouwho said...

awesome ATC's!

and that's a darling pic of your hubby :)

can't wait to see the peeks!!

♥♥♥ jEn ♥♥♥ said...

wow, such pretty zoo pix! gorgeous...looks like a fun trip! cant wait to see more pix.

and dying to see your LT always outdo yourself! each month is better & better!

and my gosh...isnt that a darling pix of brian & sake!!! how sweet!!! =)


Melonie said...

Amazing pics!
Glad you made it to Alaska safe and sound.
Miss you in bloggy land and hope you have a super time!

Michelle said...

Too cute! Love that photo of Brian sleeping. TFS the zoo photos too. :D

KhrisW said...

I love Sake!!! Oh my, what a beautiful girl! Great shot too, by the way....

I also loved your zoo pictures, awesome! Man.

I really need some ATC's so I need to come over and get in on that. I'd love to have one of yours on my 7 Gypsies dealio! Let me know when you have another one.

Right now I'm doing another 'hottie' type ATC thing over at SIS (yeah, I'm having fun there). This one involves your choice of a J. Depp movie. I picked 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' though-that scene in the carriage (Libertine-seen it?) was really hot. You've gotta see that movie just for the carriage scene. Oh my Gawd. 'Libertine'. Wow! Loved that one.

Okay, so I can't wait to see the rest of what you're doing. I'm a glutton for punishment so I'm trying ot for Cosmo Cricket and Hambly. Won't make it but if I don't try I'll be mad at myself.

Keep me posted on your sweet self! Love your Sake pictures. Can we have her? LOL. We're thinking about buying the boys 2 sugar gliders because Noah had to let his toad, Romald (it's really Rommel) go. He needs to be one with nature, you know. Anyway, sugar gliders. Who'd a thunk?

Mel G said...

Thanks for the ATC sneaks girlie! I tried not to look, but I can't resist a good spoiler! hehe