Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm trying...

really, I am. I had such grand plans of spending the last couple of days catching up on blog reading and such. Then, a couple of nights ago, when I went to post to my own blog, my computer froze up. I've never had that problem with that Mac. Ever. I went to reboot it, and it immediately went to the dreaded DOS screen. And, according to the Geek Squad member who delivered the death sentence: there was no hope in reviving my poor little friend. So, I'm coming at you live from my brand spanking-new Mac. And, of course, I'm about $1500 poorer. I think every appliance in my house got together and went on strike. I can't tell you how many things we have had to replace since Bryan came home. And, of course, that s**t storm started right after we spent the money to purchase this:

Yup, the search for our second vehicle finally ended. This is our brand-new-to-us 2003 Jeep Cherokee. We are a definitely a Jeep family. This was originally supposed to be Bryan's vehicle. But, thanks to the tinted windows and more spacious backseat, he graciously gave the Cherokee to me, and took my old Liberty. Thank you, honey...I LOVE my car! And, the kids are so much happier in their roomier, less sunny seating area. I just wish we weren't having to spend all this money at once. It always seems to work out that way, though...doesn't it?

No to mention the fact that we just spent a wad on our weekend vacation to Raleigh. It wasn't much, but we needed the break. Plus, we had quite the successful garage sale last Saturday, and made over $200. We had already decided to spend whatever we made on a weekend getaway. We already had some extra money saved up, and a rough plan in mind. We headed to Raleigh late Saturday afternoon, and checked in at the Hampton Inn by the mall. After we got settled, we headed straight off to the new Urban Outfitters. The purpose was to find some new clothes for Bryan. He needed (and definitely deserved) them. I can't tell you how hard it was not to buy the entire home furnishings section out! I'm extremely proud of myself, though. These guys were pretty much the only things that made it into our cart that were for me:

The most perfect little set of owl salt & pepper our kitchen's colors no less! After some more shopping at Build-A-Bear for the kids and Williams-Sonoma for some Mother's Day goodies, we headed to The Cheesecake Factory for a LOVELY dinner. I had remembered my camera, but forgot the memory card. Typical. So, I have no pictures of the most delish apple pie caramel apples we found at the candy factory across the street. After they were safely secured in our tummies, we returned to the hotel for a wonderful night's sleep. If you've never stayed at a Hampton Inn, I have to recommend it. They have the BEST mattresses...seriously. I keep meaning to ask them what kind of mattresses they have because I SO want one at home. But, I forget every time we stay there.

Anyway, we got up the next morning and went to my favorite flea market at the Raleigh State Fair Grounds. Unfortunately much rain was in the forecast, so a lot of the vendors weren't there. But, we still managed to score some nice finds. I have to say, this was the best piece of the day:

It is a tin tile that came from the side of an old restaurant in San Francisco's China Town. The restaurant was being demolished, and the dealer managed to get her hands on 5 of these tiles. They sold like hot cakes, and we got the LAST one! The dealer guesstimated that it was from about the 1930's or 40's. Once I figure out how to fasten some hangers to it, it will adorn one of the walls in Bryan's game room. We also scored some scrap iron wall hooks in the shape of Mermaids (for a special relative's Christmas gift), some iron shelf hangers, some scrap iron stars that I transformed into candle holders and an AMAZING old kitchen scale that was still perfectly calibrated! I found lots of other amazing things but, hey, we were on a tight budget. So, I guess there's always next time.

We've had quite the busy week. We also had a BBQ for some of Bryan's friends that just came home from this deployment. I think they were the last group, and we thought the deserved a proper welcome. I made homemade potato salad and baked beans. Bryan manned the BBQ to cook up some yummy burgers and hot dogs. And, for dessert...this:

Buttermilk Pound Cake. Another Paula Deen success. Seriously, does this woman have a recipe that ISN'T perfect?!? I think not. I had this old family recipe for pound cake that never turned out. My mom and I think that our relative tried to sabotage any efforts to reproduce her delicious cake. Every time either one of us tried it, it came out of the pan like a lead weight. Yuck. But, this new recipe? Pure perfection. I served it up with some fresh strawberries and whipped cream to a few delighted guests!

Well, speaking of food...I am going to get my rear in gear and head on out for some fresh sushi with the hubs...child-free no less! Yay! When we get home tonight, I plan on getting caught up on some more blog reading. I only managed to get caught up on this lovely girl's blog before my computer so sadly passed away. I'll be back for more bloggage tonight after a belly full of raw fish and rice!


mushroommeadows said...

I've been spending a lot lately too. :( But congrats on the new MAC and the new jeep!!! :)

Pound cakes looks yummy, by the way!

Melonie said...

So glad you guys got a little time away! Love the new owlies! Super cute.
It does always seem to work out that everything goes at once. Hope the appliances are over their strike:) Have a great weekend Girly!

Jill Deiling said...

it sounds like you guys had a nice trip! :) Those salt and pepper shakers are cute, and that tile is awesome!
congrats on your new jeep cherokee, it sounds nice! :)

Dani said...

well, debt or no debt a new Mac is always fun!

I love staying in hotels, there's just something so magical about a comfy clean room, that's not cluttered with you know, LIFE, and you can make the biggest mess you want, someone cleans after you.... just so nice! so glad you guys got to do that!

Ok you've gotta stop teasing me with these yummy food photos! If I had even a bit of that poundcake my stomach/digestion would kill me! But man it looks sooooo goooood!
Make another and have two pieces for me ok? :)

KhrisW said...

OMG, I love Paula Deen. Have you tried her gooey butter cakes? I make them at Christmas and Thanksgiving with pumpkin in them. Yum!!!! Glad you have a new Mac. My Mom always said that 'money comes' (yes, I know how silly that sounds-like there's some money tree in the back yard...) and this time it should be in the form of that US Gov't rebate check! Yay! I have to fix my car. Some butt head side swiped it in the parking lot. Not a huge deal but whatever.

Love your blog! Gotta love the tools in iPhoto!

Marie said...

Wow girlie that was a lot of stuff!! So sad about ur mac! I totally agree with you on the money thing...You think youre getting ahead and then something comes right up and smacks ya down.

I love your finds! Sooo wonderful! I hope you had a lovely dinner with the hubs!

Zoe said...

sounds like an amazing weekend. i love the owls! sometimes you just have to go for broke and make some family memories!

Chelsea Van Tol said...

i tried to buy those owls and my H called them ugly :( lol